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How do people with depression keep going every day?

How do people with depression keep going every day

Depression is commonly known now a days and many suffering from the depression for temporary or permanent phase of their life. If you know people surrounding you and they feel depressive because of their situations and people in their life.

One should know what they feel and how they feel about their life, if they come across with such people. Every human is a story teller. There is a story going on internally and one story they tell to the world. And hence there is always a clash between inner feelings and outer world actions and reactions.

Depression causes by many reasons which we have already discussed in my earlier blogs as well How to Deal with Depression?

People in depression what they feel?

  • Low mood
  • Lack of interest in daily activities
  • Hopelessness
  • Inactive and overthinking
  • Fear of something
  • Eating and sleeping disorders
  • Stress and tension
  • Tired and lack of energy
  • Lack of Self-esteem and confidence issue
  • Guilt and helplessness

These are major emotional disorders people feel in depression. Basically, their life is on auto mode and they need motivation to do things in their life. As there is absence or lack in self-motivation most of the time, they are inactive and trying to avoid social functions or like to live in isolation. As their energy exhausted with the overthinking and non-clarity of thoughts and action, they feel tired almost all time.

Their body is in inaction mode. They think too much so that they do not remain with the energy and feel tired and low with energy. Mostly avoid work or making excuses. Because of all reasons their whole day spent in thinking, feeling low and unproductive. Feelings of the fear or guilt gives more no clarity and which turn into inattentive disorder. To overcome those above feelings, they adopt one of the compulsive behaviors to soothe their anxiety.

They may also be addicted to certain substances. So, if you can come across anyone in your family and friend circle any person like this you may help them to calm from the depressive feelings.

Listen them and understand:

Listening is a great skill while someone discuss about their traumatic situations for life. Try to console them by understanding their mental phase and give them some solutions not lecture to soothe their emotions. If you can’t understand what to say you may end up or acknowledge them with,” I can understand your situation.” Small conversations also help them to rethink what they feel.

Talk Positive:

You may not ask them to think positive but you may definitely talk to them positively. Like your conversation is based on the solution that may help to take further steps. Positive conversation may lead them to think in positive direction. Like to tell them, “It is ok you are not alone.” “Life may come with lots of ups and downs but you make things better.” Etc.

Motivate them:

Story telling help them to motivate. Talking with them and motivate them to do certain act. Like if any person is depressed because of overweight you may encourage them to exercise but they really do not feel like that. To motivate such people, you may push them by sharing real life examples, push them to act and feel his behavioral change.

Self-help books:

Books which help them to settle by finding their own ways. These are books easily available and gift them. Encourage to read and apply some techniques to overcome the same.

Support when they feel inactive:

In low mood people usually do not like to work. They never keep them busy but avoid their daily routine. When they do not feel to work motivate them by giving small amount of work and targets. This way they involve in some work apart from their ongoing thought process. Intervention in thoughts is necessary.

Depressed people mostly quiet and with the tearing eyes. In many cases they are angry and bullying behavior also can be observed. Rather feel pity show them empathy towards their mental state. Write your comments if you have something to share. If you need to book an appointment, contact me by clicking on form.

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