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Spiritual Psychological Journey in Ahmedabad | India

Spiritual Psychological Journey in Ahmedabad is focuses on your material success part and simultaneously improve your spiritual journey, to know “WHO YOU ARE?”

By Purvangi Shukla

A great benefit of this program is we explore nature, our psychology along with spirituality to rejuvenate our soul.

Benefits of One-on-One Counselling

It is highly recommended that the person chooses a one-on-one counselling program

Individualized care

Only mindset motivation, thought and feelings never works for success. But your soul journey is also set you’re your standards to achieve life’s goal

Building trust

If you understand your psychology and know more about yourself you can easily move to spiritual world. In this chaotic world you get peace and harmony within.

Injury prevention

As we travel through subtle body after our death, we carry lots of memories as well. To deal with pain and wounds. To let it go will give you tranquil life.

Health Wellness

Health is a result of your inner feelings, belief system and hopes about yourself. Your health is a mirror of your thoughts. Spiritual life is to understand difference between ID and Ego


How this journey helps to gain who you are?

We heard lot of mythological and religion scriptures but we can’t find any change in our life. We sit and think why this is so. But until you do not understand your Identity your Ego is screaming. This journey helps you lot to understand your Psychology and Spiritual life.


Identify your Obstacle

You pride and ego cause you lot. It hurts you first and then others. Meaning of Forgiveness, love and believe that nothing you can possess only you are servant of that master. This Journey helps you to identify you from your Ego and leads to Blissful state of mind.


Inner stability and harmony

Wavering mind and continuous thoughts make you restless. You find your day end up with doing nothing. No productivity leads to frustration and inaction with the worry state of mind. Our Spiritual Journey program helps you to achieve your inner stability and harmony.

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What to Expect from Psychological and Spiritual Journey program?

People who have quest to know what his purpose of life. Why he is on this earth in the human body then this program is for them. We explore beauty of nature and our mind with psychological journey. We also get to know our inner self simultaneously with the material world. To build strong character important to cultivate habits. This journey helps you to explore who you are and where you want to be.

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