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Group Counselling in Ahmedabad | India

Group Counselling is a form of psychotherapy by the group.

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What is Group Counselling?

By Purvangi Shukla

As the name suggests, group counselling provides psychotherapy in a group setting as opposed to a one-on-one setting. It is commonly implemented in cases of anxiety.

Group counselling can also be coupled/alternated with individual counselling for perfect results. People in group counselling improve not only from the psychoeducation and guidance provided by the therapist but also from observing others and receiving feedback from group members.

Benefits of Group Counselling

It is highly recommended that the person chooses a group counselling program


The method and theory of group analysis is concerned with a dynamic understanding and environment


Members of support groups often share experiences and advice. It can be helpful just getting to talk with other people who are in the same boat

Safe Space

Creating a safe space for the individual to open up to others and feel comfortable

Self Learn

Creating a space for the individual to learn about the self, learn from others and inspire others

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How does it work?

Typically, 5-8 individuals meet once or twice a week, for about an hour. After explaining the rules and setting an agenda, the therapist engages the group on the chosen topic. There is some activity-based learning and sharing. Groups also set goals and discuss their progress with other members.

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Group therapy is a kind of psychological therapy

That takes place with a group of people together rather than with an individual during a one-on-one session, it is most commonly associated with a specific therapy type that makes use of the group dynamic.

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Having therapy in a group environment can have many benefits

As it offers a support network and provides the opportunity to meet others experiencing similar concerns. Together with the therapist and the other group members you should be encouraged to share your experiences and work on understanding yourself better.

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What to expect from Group Counseling?

As being a Psychologist I do believe group therapies help lot when one human being meets to some another one with same issue or similar issue. Ride in same boat sometimes help person to believe that he is not only who face the problem. Group sessions happened twice or thrice a week according to requirement and focusing on same issues. Like Depression, Obesity, Shyness, panic disorders, Social Anxiety. Other sessions we also arrange to improve skills like improving social skills, shyness, loneliness and low self-esteem.

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