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How to deal with Depression?

how to deal with depression?

Are you dealing with depression? Or do you want to know what is depression and when is it coming from. What is the origin and How to deal with Depression? Do you believe that you are in depression means you are crazy or insane.

You do not want to share this to anyone that you are facing mental issues. Because you afraid that what may another person perceive about you. But before you overthink about your problem let us understand depression in normal language.

How to deal with Depression?

Depression means having lots of blues of emotions. Various of emotions you are dealing with. Like mood swing, low mood, bipolar disorder, loss of interest in activities etc. Depression is now common among the people. If I am talking number in India one out of three persons deal with depression. Same in the world every two of the sixth percent people deal with depression in past year. so let’s talk about how to deal with depression?

What age are affected by Depression?

Depression is nothing to do with any age. It may happen to teenage, Adult and even in senior people as well.

Teenage Depression:

Majorly studies have proved that studies related issues, parental issues, family issues, economic difficulties and other factors are responsible for teenage Depression.

Major symptoms of the Depression in teenage is low mood, sadness, social anxiety, loss of interest in any activities, tired, irritation, aggression, sleep disorder, anhedonia, and somatic symptoms.  

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Causes of Depression

Genetic Factors:

Family history of Depression, Genetic Factors can cause imbalance of chemical factors in mind.

Environmental Factors:

Finance and Unemployment Factors, Emotional Trauma or Stress, Sudden change in home, city or state Childhood or bullying victimization.

Personality Traits:

Extremely sensitive person, Over perfection, Personality prone to Anxiety, Poor Self Esteem and sensitive about personal criticism, Self-doubt and self-negative talks.

As now you know about the Depression and factors of Depression then you want to deal with the depression. Depression basically cured if there is a will of person. Most of the outside factors can’t change or past incidents can’t change. But only one thing can change and that is what are you thinking in terms of you.

How do you think? Would you be happy or would be self-fulfilled with your life? All can be changed through your Emotions and with your thought process. Few minor tips I can share here with you to deal with Depression. Which can become your Self-care. You can self help yourself to overcome from Depression

Be with Family and Friends:

You need to talk to someone to whom you trust. In India still depression will be cleared by friends or teachers. So, you need some honest person who never judge you and lead you to think where you are and help you with how to deal with Depression.

Active and Keep Yourself Busy:

Do exercise daily at least for 20 minutes. Nature walks like walk in Garden, within woods or near to river can help to deal with your emotions. Basically, be connect with nature.

Find out your Stressors and deal with it:

Currently we need quick fix in our life. We want to fix the problem like we on the switch and remove the Darkness. This is possible because of so much advance technology. But when you are fearing and finding out escape mechanism then your problem would be disaster. So, face your fear and find out stressors. Over thinking with the inaction leads more depressive thoughts.

Eat Healthy:

Of course, it has been proven that how Vegetarian food helps to appetite fast. So, eat healthy and avoid junk food as much as you can.

If you drink not that is not bad habit. If you are dealing with low mood or stressed out and drink that is escaping mechanism.

These are basic self-help you may apply to deal with the depression. But if you still facing an issue with depression, you may Contact Us

More in How to deal with depression


Anti-depressant helps to deal with the thoughts and balance of chemical in mind.  

Life Style Change:

Build a healthy life style like Healthy Food, add humor, exercise, Yoga and breathing techniques in your life.

Psychotherapy and Counseling:

Seek help of Psychologist which can help more than your medication helps. If you go through different therapies it will help to deal with depression wisely.

Do not underestimate your Depression. It causes you a lot. Consult a psychologist with to improve and overcome depression issue. For more you may Contact me.

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