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About   Ms. Purvangi Shukla

Ms Purvangi Shukla is a Psychologist and Student of Ph.D. in Clinical and Indian Psychology. Aspiring Author wrote two books about Human Psychology and Relationship Psychology. Journaling- The Writing Therapy and Yogya Jivansathi Kevi Rite Shodhvo?, respectively. She is practicing Psychologist since 8 years now and majorly handle all sufferings in practical ways. Applied Positive Psychology is her passion. As she is a firm believer that, “Psychology starts within not from outside.” Up till now she has cured more than 200 person and successful in one on one and Group therapies to heal the Psychic Issue. Her areas of expertise is wide as she applied various therapies to cure a person.

She believes that Therapies work so dramatically in Human life. Apart from this she is an Entrepreneur and also The Business Coach.

What she says

Our First Counsellor was Shree Krishna who showed path in middle of the battlefield of Mahabharat to Arjuna. Same in current scenario where we all are distracted from life and happiness. We forgot ourselves and we indulged in so many feelings those need to address. And this can only been possible through Counselling. This is an Information Era. And food for the mind is Knowledge. Which we get from various resources. But we never analyze whether it is right or not. We certainly drag ourselves as a follower to someone but we never know our true self. All these confusions and dilemma cause lot mental illness and need proper counselling. I like to show path to my client which is Truthful to them. In this tough journey they like park their car but I am always giving them motivation to achieve over your weakness. Remember one thing,

What Am I Doing?

Introspection is a key to success. Daily you work in a way that you reach to your goal. Slowly to take tiny steps cut the hundred miles of journey. Same way being a Psychologist I can show path to walk to cure from Mental illness. Psychotherapies and Psycho analysis help anyone to find root cause of his mental illness. Being Psychologist my work is to identify and heal the burnout areas. I am also working from human to Organisations. Because organisations are creation of human. And both the psychology work in and out to achieve the best from the human life. My ultimate goal is to show correct path to walk in dark nights.

My another area of work is to work for organisations by giving them trainings and arranging seminars. Most of my programmes are reinforcement programmes which covers mostly work management, Job satisfaction, Organisation Development and various other areas as well.


Why Am I Doing?

Mission of my work is to contribute to society with all my work. Be it Courses, seminars, training programmers , Books etc. As with this modern era we forget “HAPPINESS”, ”SERENITY”. And we all drag to some blind race where we can’t take a breath of satisfaction. My mission to remind people accept their weakness and make it quality. Acceptance is key factor to remove an illness. So with the Psychology. We all need to remember one thing, EVEN TEACHERS HAVE TEACHERS

life coach

Why you need to Reach me?

With mind deceases there are many myths. People have an idea of visiting to Psychologist means to prove that I am insane. But all mental issues are not insanity. To clear your thought process, thinking pattern and behavior to achieve ultimate goal i.e HAPPINESS


Many wings I have developed as a Psychologist, Child Psychologist , Relationship Counsellor and Industrial & Organizational Psychologist. To connect to me means to find out your areas of weakness and improve them. In this world mental illness is just in mind. Facts and figures are different then those.

Business Coach

Business Reinforcement Programmers are programs to rejuvenate behavior at the workplace and improvise performance to achieve the desired goal. As an organizations are group of people gathered to achieve similar goals. But currently Productivity, Stress and procrastination in work spoil the environment as well as productivity of other colleagues. To deal with human mindset there are series of programmers and therapies can be conducted as a group therapies and team building. For further communication contact us : [email protected]

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