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Business is an Emotion. Self-mastery programs are typically designed with a systematic format. Especially for those Business People who have a turnover of 1 Crore. These sessions are designed for ACTIONS, NOT MOTIVATION. If you want to grow in business you need to be Self-Mastered.

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Understand your Cognition not motivation

Become more

Understand your emotional and mental hurdles

Learn something new about yourself

No Coaching, No guidance learn discipline

Women on mission of creating Next Generation Leaders.

Miss. Purvangi Shukla is the Best Certified Business Coach & Mindfulness expert in Ahmedabad, India and with a decade of experience in this line.

Being an organization how you can deal with your employees health?

Employees mental health directly affect the Organizations Environment. An organization is a society to achieve common business goal. Stress, Anxiety, conflicts at work and job satisfaction along with the motivation to work are important mental challenges to address.

Lack of motivation & employee morale

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Motivational issues hinder employee performance and lead to low employee morale.

Team conflict & low connectedness

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Poor team dynamics inhibit progress, innovation, and the achievement of goals.

Low productivity & output

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Low employee productivity negatively impacts businesses' bottom lines.

Decreased mood & wellbeing

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Low mood and wellbeing is challenging to manage and impact people in both their work and personal lives

What we offer As
Best Certified Business Coach in Ahmedabad

Business Coaching Workshops

Empower your workforce to thrive in ever-evolving market through best business coaching workshops.

Integrated Business Program

Unique combination of business coaching + Wellness Training using mindfulness, Meditation, mental detox.

Businesses Wellness Program

Best wellness program for businesses to release work stress, anxiety, negativity and increase productivity.

Employee Assistance Program

Counselling, seminars & workshops for your team to make happier, healthier and productive.


This is typically designed for Customer Service Staff and Sales Staff. Unless you do not know your target audience all are in vain. Understanding the Psychology of your Customer is not easy. Top companies spend lots of money and resources on researching customer behaviour patterns. Learn about Human Behaviour and Psychology - Customised as per Organisation requirements


This is a well-being program designed for Middle-Level Staff. Those are bridges between Upper and Lower Management. This program is completely focused on a person's well-being. Productivity, Discipline, Procrastination and Key Area Performance.


This program is designed only for Directors, CEOs and Top Management. The Major focus is on the Internal aspects of the Organisation. Dealing with the Challenges is not new but stress and anxiety are tremendous. A Psychologist can help you to overcome your mental blockage with alignment of Emotional well-being.


MOTIVATION IS LIKE A BALLOON. This program is designed only in a customised way for an individual. Learn more about why your business is not growing. Identify obstacles which hinder growth. A psychologist can help you to grow you in your business. Therapy Combined with Coaching.

Give new wings to your business.

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