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As you are searching and scrolling to find out how are you getting relief from “STRESS”. Then you are at a right place. As a psychologist I believe before you come to me let’s understand your mental state by yourself. You must have done before some exercises, but still you look for the relief from the state of mind you carried since long. Before you scroll more about how you get help to rid of from your stress have look at videos. These are basics to make you understand about your mental state and how can you rid of by yourself without anyone’s help? So, let’s begin

What is Stress?

I know up till now you must have googled the Stress and also came across many self-help books also which helped you to overcome with the stress issue. But still looking for permanent solution from the STRESS feelings. Now, understand STRESS first theoretically. STRESS means when we do not get proper response to the stimulus that creates tension in our Body and Mind. It is simply meaning stress. When your body and mind not coping up with the outside environment. Your muscles and your mind continuously feeling stretched. Mentally you feel tensed, low mood, overwhelmed with the thoughts of “what will happen and how will happen?” This is the basic understanding of the STRESS. Now you need to understand which are the STRESSORS?


STRESS generally a reaction to outside world and there are comparatively four types of stressors in everyone’s life.

We want to cope up with this world by means of success, name, fame with the social acceptance. But many times, we are not fit with the model or environment which other humans have built (like organization, corporate companies) etc. And we want to cope with that or many times we want to change the same. In both the cases we feel stress because we are unknown with the outcomes. As we brought up in a way that we can’t see current scenarios and actions but we look into future and asking question, “what will happen?”

Now before the self-assessment you need to understand there are two types of stresses. One is positive stress and negative stress. Positive stress means you are getting promotion in job, getting married etc. While negative stress means suffering from severe illness, losses due to natural calamities etc. If you can analysis your stress by asking few questions and write it down on piece of paper will lead to you at the cause of your stress.

After reading above details, you may keen to know about your stress area and stressors of your life. My suggestion is to seat with pen and paper. Avoid technology like iPad or mobile phone to write. Because when you write on piece of paper you feel good, it will improve your well-being and directly deal with the reduction of stress. (You may read my book Journaling – The Writing Therapy). It is actually lower down your thoughts because you think in deep and deal with clarity of your thoughts. So, let’s begin with the Self-Assessment

Ask few questions to yourself if you wish you may take print out and write your answers:

Above assessment you may do once you are alone and at quiet place where you have not been distracted. Now, share your views about assessment down.

Few Exercises that you can apply on daily basis:

Of course, up till now you may come to know your areas of stress (stressors). And now you need to deal with these areas. Few Physical and mental exercises you may develop in your life. Remember any new habits become your automatic behavior in 66 days. It will take 18 to 254 days to install new habits. “HABITS BUILD YOUR CHARACTER.”

Physical Exercise: Of course, it is not new to you. But daily at least 5 days a week exercise helps you to deal with your mental state and tone your physics.

Yoga & Meditation: Yoga, Meditation (Guided meditation, Mantra meditation, transcendental meditation, Mindfulness meditation, Metta meditation, vipassana meditation, Chakra Meditation etc.

Stress actually deals with how we take any situation in our mind. Mostly we become victim of any negative situation when it occurs. But if we analyze the situation how much it is negative. It always comes with some opportunities like we can improve our skills or qualities or we can find some better way out to live happy life. It is important for every one of us to understand how we analyze our life and how we deal with the weak areas of our life.

Positive Attitude & Express Gratitude:

Positive Attitude towards any outside conditions becomes difficult specially it is not in favor. Specially expectations are not meeting with desires. A human faces more difficulty because 90% of the conditions and outcome of the conditions formulated by mind and perceived by the person egoistically. Negativity arises when one can see sufferings as a stressor but not as a teacher. Mostly in case of stress and anxious thoughts it is difficult even to count about Gratitude. Gratitude is a daily habit of counting blessings rather counting complains and difficulties. Habits of counting blessings reduce stress to half. And open different views towards life. In Shreemad Bhagvad Geeta ancient Mythology in Hindu taught,” whatever happened, whatever is happening, whatever will happen, happen for the good.” Now this all up to us how we consider it. Good or bad.

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