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Anger Management Therapy in Ahmedabad

Anger Management Therapy in Ahmedabad

Anger Management Therapy in Ahmedabad

Anger is a common feeling. It feels by any human being in day-to-day activities. Or majorly things turned up in different way. Now it is important for everyone to understand their anger level to manage the social status and mental status. Too much aggression causes trouble with burning heart, increase blood pressure, blood sugar as well in some cases eventually heart deceases. It is important for every human being to handle anger feelings. More or less, everyone knows also how to handle the same. But when it is extreme and a person become uncontrolled by his own thoughts and actions. Which causes him loss in society, relationships and other important areas of life. Now there are few methods which one can use to handle the anger. Before you understand those methods let us understand ANGER.

Assertiveness is a great use while dealing with anger. It is healthier way to deal with anger rather suppressing it. To deal with anger confidently you must access what do you want, what is your need and how do you meet with that need. It is most helpful method in dealing with anger as your needs can be met without harming or hurting others. Now, as all humans have different ways of dealing with anger. But expression of anger is of three ways:



Anger feelings if express with the right behavior with the right words with the right person helpful for the people. A person who expresses anger and to whom he shows anger. But if anger expression done with wrong ways like talking to others, back biting or using insulting etc. Hamper a person himself rather getting solutions from the anger feelings. These halfhearted and violent feelings converted into grudges, revenge, hatred etc.


Suppressing is the process where a person focuses on the positive feelings. He is converting his feelings and redirecting to something positive or relaxing. This converting feelings of anger in positive ideas and reflecting them on more constructive areas. Suppressing feelings of anger may cause hyper tension, high blood pressure etc.


Out of three ways of expressing anger emotions one can choose this way by looking at self. By using this way, a person understands his emotions first and in respect to the situation or person. He chooses not to give energy to wrong things and use different relaxing techniques. Majorly he let it go negative feelings and also behaves in well controlled way. After understanding anger little you may do self-analysis for the same. Anger self-assessment is necessary to cope with this feeling on day-to-day activities. To build better interpersonal and intrapersonal relations.

Ask few questions to yourself

Few techniques one can use as a self-help or self-support system. Such techniques you may apply in your anger situation while managing your anger feelings. You may preserve your mental state and your health.

Anger management techniques

Anger Management Therapy in Ahmedabad Techniques

Follow Red, Yellow and Green Signals

When you know very well about your thoughts then it is easy to follow them, direct them and lead them. Consider here, anger as your traffic. Now, find out your reasons to get angry and why you want to react with aggression? Understand your body reactions and when you find little calmness then follow yellow light rule. This stage you get ready and all your senses are cool and calm then follow Green Signal. In green signal get ready to go and understand your scenarios to react. Tell yourself Get-Set-Go.

Action to Reaction Mode

It is not always that you come across with such situation which makes you angry. But something unmet in past, some desires, embarrassment, insecurity, hurt, shame or aggression might be underlying factors for the angry feelings. To express your anger in appropriate way, it is necessary to realize and accept the real feelings and immediately deal with it. Find out realities and deal with assumptions.

Find your Triggers

If you read last anxiety subject in expertise column it has clearly mentioned in detailed about STRESSORS. Similar way you must understand your TRIGGERS. Which kind of people, situations or circumstances Trigger your anger. Like fear hormone, anger is also one of the requisite components which is letting you know whether you “FIGHT-FLIGHT”. If certainly you confront similar situations, you must understand your “FIGHT-FLIGHT” mode. If you fight then as earlier mentioned, you may express your anger with the right way, right words and with the right person

Follow your Journal. Journaling eventually proven best in terms of managing your emotions, your thoughts about people, situation and also about your life. Our life has divided in many segments and these segments are important to deal with it. Writing in journal may clarify you where you are and where you want to be.

Few Relaxations Techniques

Breath In – Out

While follow your breathing technique tell yourself “Relax” and “Keep Cool and calm”.

Technique for Senses

Same five senses used to destroy yourself or use them well to highest level

Techniques of Massage

Morning walks best in dealing with your blockage. Techniques of massage like roll your shoulders, massage on your scalp or head.

Techniques of counting

Learn counting while you want to fight or flight. A focus on counting helps your mind to control your feelings and cultivate understanding

Restructure your THOGHTS

Most of all self-help books taught us about how to think positive. Self-help book like “Power of Positive Thinking” taught many how to look same scenario negatively and same is with the positive view. Cognitive Behavior helps people to think in positive way in any scenario. For example, if your day turned up very stressful and irritable. You thought whole day how this day will end up soon. As soon as you end up with your day you feel exhausted and tell to yourself,” I am not worthy enough to complete my day properly. It was so worst that I could never forgive myself.” This kind of negative thoughts may convert into positive one by saying,” I am so much capable and strong enough to take all matters so productively the I could have end up my day very nicely. “Same scenario you may take to you mind or perceive same thing in different ways. To manage anger or to deal with the TRIGGERS it is important to restructure your thoughts.

Above an all one need outside help which is again proven to be best like therapies, counseling and training to coach your mental state. You may take more details from Wellness Workshops.

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