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family therapy in ahmedabad

Family Therapy in Ahmedabad focuses on emotional and behavioral issue within the family members as one.

By Purvangi Shukla

Systemic therapist helps family through Genogram and multigenerational family therapy to resolve transmitted issues from generation to generation.

Family Therapy in Ahmedabad helps family members to communicate their cultures, values, systems and rules without losing their right. It gives motivation to each family members to openly discuss their disturbed emotions to build strong interpersonal relation with healthy behavior at home and within the society.

How much you are capable and successful financially matters only when your family life is intact. People in this modern era of Success, work and money slowly forget the value of family life. Divorce and separation issues found more than earlier. Knowledge brings us the freedom to think differently but simultaneously lose the power of understanding without violating anyone's emotions. Nowadays the young generation started detached from their family as they find boring social gatherings. But this has also increased isolation, and internal disorders in one's life.

A person becomes more psychologically vulnerable than earlier because of a lack of social gatherings. Do you make any extra efforts to lead your family life? Do you find yourself happy with your parents, siblings and children? How do you react when you face differences of opinion? Would like to know how family therapies are more beneficial? Follow this article more in detail.

Top 8 Family Conflicts

Modern families have different conflicts. Our social structure has changed a lot due to bombarding information. Daily soaps, movies and even now information from various platforms have affected the family structure. It is now difficult to sit with one idea within the four or three family members. DIFFERENCES IN OPINION AND ACCEPTANCE WERE FOUND NEGLIGIBLE WITHIN THE FAMILY. First of all, you must understand and acknowledge that "Yes! there is a problem in the family." If you feel like you are choked up and unable to share your points and feeling submissive then it is time to assess your family structure.

Parents Conflicts

Those families where parents are separated or divorced are found more vulnerable. Even in the case of parents who are not sharing a healthy marital life and staying together because of kids' responsibilities and social stigma found more conflicts in the family. Children learn and are affected by the behaviours of parents and slowly adapt the same behaviour. They learnt later in their marriage life the reflection of their parent's marriage life. When there are conflicts between parents as a couple those family members find various mental disorders.

Conflicts Between Parents and Children

Generation Gap is not a new word for anyone. Because our exposure towards information has increased we all have slowly shifted our own thoughts and adapted the fascinated one. Parents are concerned about their children's studies and the well-being of life. They are more concerned with the excessive use of mobile and OTT platforms which has drastically changed the environment of the house. Because now children get things fast and with less effort their understanding of their parents' hardship is difficult. At the same time, parents put pressure on children to be within their limits. And lack of understanding converted into major family conflicts.

How to Say "No"

Who is dominant over whom will be decided later part of some incidents. Why? When parents are too concerned for their children and put so much pressure children become submissive or dominant in the later part of life. They set themselves with certain beliefs and assumptions about their parents and the world. They do not know when to say "NO". In fear of pleasing another, they have more inner conflicts. Within the family it creates conflict.

Toxic Environment

When a single member of the family especially a head of the family has some personality disorder problem. The rest of the family members are too vulnerable. They have a daily series of conflicts, bullying and shouting. They have conflicts which affect their physical and mental health as the whole environment becomes toxic

Financial Issues

Losing of business or loss of job having financial strain is a big problem of family conflicts. However, currently, the aspirations and expectations of family members are more than what they earn. Which slowly started feeling the crunch for finances. The easy availability of loans increases purchasing capacity but also creates a burden of payment. Financial insecurity takes displacement in family conflicts.

Over Expectations

Expectations of parents over children and children over parents are interlinked. Families with a lack of understanding create a burden on one person who is more vulnerable. Feelings of over-expectation and lack of acceptance and understanding convert into family conflicts.

Lack of Communication

Professional work life has increased because people earn money. Earning money is misunderstood as freedom. Rather it has created lots of conflicts. In keeping always busy in work to achieve social financial status many times found with a lack of communication. Even mobile phones and televisions take place in the drawing room or dining table at the time of communication. When the deep feel of communication requires all or half of family members to scroll and stare at their tiny screen. feeling of being alone or lonely has increased more due to lack of communication and understanding.

Social Status & Trauma

What others are thinking? This may be the most fearful thought in most minds. Because we humans like to be appreciated and acknowledged. In fear of social status, many families never express their true feelings. Rather they keep a shield on their face and their internal feelings and outer behaviors are very different. This has increased mental instability and disorders, Even in case of unresolved Trauma like parents' separation, death of a loved one or ill health has caused a lot emotionally. Those feelings are converted and take place into family conflicts.

Conflicts are always good. But how can one manage a daily series of conflicts? If you want to assess whether your family has conflicts you may assess by giving answers to those questions.

These are simple questions you may answer to see the ratio of Family conflicts within your family. Before you scroll more kindly find some important benefits of Family Therapies.

Benefits of Family Therapy in Ahmedabad

There are many therapies which are evidence-based and proven to be best while having family conflicts. But I am here to share the benefits and brief of therapies which give you an idea to deal with family conflicts and overcome an issue.

Family Therapy is between all family members and as a Psychologist I can note the structure of the family. Just putting pressure only on a single person to change and adopt others all can learn about acceptance. Some behavioural change helps a lot to overcome conflicts.


Through Genogram one can understand multigenerational transmitted values, beliefs, rules, emotions and behaviors. This helps all members to select certain beliefs from earlier generation and install new values and beliefs to build strong bonding within the family

Building Trust

Each individual raised with his own beliefs and values from his childhood. By working on the behavioral issues with the couple, parents and children or with the extended family members as well strong bonding and trust can be build up.

Family Stressors

With the help of motivational interviews we can find stressors. Stressors may be beliefs, feelings or behaviours. By finding the most affected areas a family can work on bonding.

Interventions and Boundaries

With the help of therapy two goals can be set for 1) reduce the symptoms of the dysfunctions and 2) modifying structural change family can establish new rules and boundaries which is appropriate to solve cognitive issues.

Another person is getting a sense of worthy and being heard. 70 percent of the families benefited from Structured Family Therapy. An important goal of Structured Family Therapy is changing the organisation of the family in such a way that all members behave more supportively and less abnormally

Create a Strong Bond

Fewer Conflicts Lead to Understanding

Overcome the Fear of Losing the Relationship

Develop a Sense of Responsibility

Healthy and Safe Environment

Growth and Serenity within the Family

Various therapies proved to be best in Family Therapy

Family Therapy is very effective in solving family conflicts. Various professionals help many families to overcome their problems and conflicts between members. One need not forget that family conflicts are responsible for many mental disorders, As here I am happy to cure you with therapies you may book an appointment

best therapist in ahmedabad

Working with the Systemic Family Therapist gives opportunities to understand multigenerational culture, values and beliefs from maternal and paternal side.

Certain important questions can be asked by family therapist to resolve the person-cantered issue and new values and beliefs can be installed to resolve the current issue.

Best Marriage Counselling in Ahmedabad

In Family Therapies, strong relationship can be built up between parents and children and also within husband-wife.

Here, family learns to communicate difficult emotions. By not reflecting in behavior but by expressing them with the right words, trust and bond can be established. Here young generation can learn and build up respect and values their older generation’s belief by acknowledging them.

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Counselling helps by intervening to establish new boundaries and values

Each member of the family here learns their individuality along with family standards. They can modify their values to deal with current issues and can create a new culture to deal with all members with peace, harmony, cooperation and coordination.

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