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Anxiety as said it is positive feeling of care. If student is not anxious about his results, he is careless about his readings. Same way anxious mother can care for her baby well and avoid inevitable to infant. In short anxious state of mind help person to be care and save himself from unknown. But if student faints in exam hall and forgets everything then that is called anxiety panic attacks. Same ways mother prays to God a lot to care for her baby but forgets to feed her baby is pure anxious state of mind.

To understand your anxious level, one has to understand his compulsive behavior. As feeling of anxious level reflects by many anxiety disorders. Under the anxiety disorders many compulsive behavioral disorders, phobias are lying and you may not understand what goes wrong with you. As you feel all of sudden certain behavior and pathological changes in body. Certain Psychopathological changes like.

Your body is reflection of what you feel. Hence, many disorders cultivate with repressing anxiety feelings like

Before you come to see me for consultation, you need to understand difference between fear and anxiety. Many times, we mix the feelings of fear and anxiety. So, fear feelings are common human feelings with the perceived information. Like to take decision of “Fight or Fly”. (See my Course video for your reference.) If you come across on road some thugs who tried to steal your belongings. You immediately fearful with fear state of mind and immediately take call to hit the thugs or to run away. But if you don’t step out just because of fear of thug and it becomes your compulsive behavior. This anxious state of mind considers to be one of the disorders.

Anxiety creates daily disorders also in mind. Which we can call General Anxiety Disorders while you so much concern about regular activities like reach office on time, whether to lock the house properly or too much concern on daily basis about your outlook or about your loved ones and you harm them with the concern of loss. Generally anxious state of mind creates more fear, which is not illogical and as a person you also must know. But still, it becomes compulsion for you to behave in certain way. For an example after Corona Virus many people have problem of Hygiene, washing hands or using sanitizer so much that even it wounds the skin they force to use them just to calm their anxious belief of contamination by the virus or etc. These kinds of multiple habits now a days people have cultivated which we called OCD. According to World Health Organization (WHO) found obsessive compulsive disorder to be the world’s leading cause of disability. It has also born associated with unemployment, marital problem and separation and impaired social functioning.

Anxiety management would be necessary before it becomes disability. To overcome anxious state of mind many relaxing techniques can be used. Therapy proved to be good to solve the issue. Until you won’t take a step, no one can help you. If you understand your Disorders and compulsive behaviors then you can relax in front of the most anxious state of mind. It is important for you to understand anxious state always irrational. This state of mind gets calmness by some compulsive behavior which may cause you lot of loss in your social and professional life.

Basic self-help you may use to manage your Anxiety

As anxiety causes you with so many disorders it is important to be assessed by professional therapist. But if you are just on the edge of your disorders you may definitely cure by yourself. Take opportunity by learning more about your health. Looking to a professional psychologist and therapist will not only cure you but shows you path to walk on.

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