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Depression Therapy in Ahmedabad

Depression Therapy in Ahmedabad


Everybody knows about the term Depression. But Depression term we cannot use while having simple sadness or mood disorder. Many of us become sad due to struggles, setbacks or dis appointments. But it is called normal emotional switching and we can manage them through various activities. To understand Depression means excessive sadness and hopelessness in life. To understand Depression more, it is important to understand Depressive Disorders.

Depressive Disorders

Basically, Depression is a result of emotions like mood swings, continuous feeling low mood or excessive sadness. To understand Depression, we need to understand disorders.

Watch this video to Understand Depression in Short by Certified Psychologist in Ahmedabad

Feelings of Hopelessness and helplessness

When life looks like nothing. No hopes of living the current life. And one who can’t find ways to take life back on track. A person continuously feels helplessness like so much depend on the outside factors to be in his/her favor to live life. This type of person is feeling no hopes in their life and no motives to achieve.

Loss of Interest in Daily activities

This kind of person basically in inaction mode. Their life style is completely messy and they do not follow any routine. Like wake-up time, be on time etc. Generally, their things are messy around them and they can’t manage them neither their thoughts. They tend to postpone and always in overthinking zone results in lack of interest in hobbies, social activities or sex.

Weight Loss and Eating disorder

A person with Depression has 5% difference in weight loss or gain. They have so much eating disorder either too much eating or no feeling of hunger.

Sleep Disorder or Insomnia

Feelings of depression exhaustive for many and hence they either sleep very less. Mostly they wake-up late night or early mornings they can’t get sleep. And in many cases, they also have hypersomnia. They usually sleep long then normally required.

Irritability or restlessness

A person irritated on small things and many times they become restless to complete the certain task. They do not have patience sometimes and behave aggressively

Loss of Energy

Negative thought process is consuming more energy than positive thought process. People with depression mostly have blur picture of their life. Because they are messy, they could not find ways to accomplish any goals. With these feelings a person generally longer time to complete a normal task.

Worthlessness & Guilt

To have feeling of guilt in many situations where a person unable to accomplish some tasks. A person in depression scold and believe that all missed attempt is his fault only and lives life in worthlessness or guilt.

Attention Deficit

Of course, messy thought process and messy environment with the so many other negative thoughts process a person unable to focus on one task. A person is facing attention deficit issue. Unable to remember things, trouble in making decisions etc.

Aches and Pains

Because our body is an alarm. It alarms any person for his thoughts, emotions and behaviors. A person with depressive issues complained mostly for backpain headache, aching muscles and stomach pain.

Now we can categorize depression in two forms

So, with the depression mood swings also can be categorize in two forms

As many people do not have an idea that there are three types of Depression. Mild, Moderate and Major depressive Disorder.

Let’s talk about Mild Depression

Mild Depression many times not even feel by a person. This kind of Depression may be cure within two or three days as well. Causes of mild depression are like failing in examinations, losing a job, facing some stressful performance issue etc. Mild depression may cure but long-term sadness with the low mood may cause further two depressive states. People do not know about mild depression; they are not able to recognize the signs of it. However, mild depression is not severe than other two depression but person must know about the what exactly happens in mild depression.

Symptoms of the Mild Depression

With the Mild Depression it is important to understand Dysthymic Disorder. This disorder basically occurred due to some incidents triggered or some medical conditions or it has no apparent cause.

When Mild Depression symptoms found in person for more than two or more years are classified as Dysthymia. Symptoms typically begin during adolescence and diagnosis requires course of >2 years. There are symptoms of Dysthymic disorders in which a person suffers from

People with the Dysthymic disorder have higher chances of developing major depression. Dysthymic or major depression runs in family for long time. And it is difficult to bifurcate whether Dysthymic disorder generally over stress a person in standard environment or usually high environment responsible for chronic stress.

Dysthymic Disorder - Various psychotherapies best for this disorder

Moderate Depression

Mild to moderate depression diagnosed with dysthymia and adjustment disorder with depressed mood. It is important to understand adjustment disorder with Depressed mood. This is also called “reactive depression”. This depression should be identifiable with the psychological stressors in a person’s life. Here a person is experiencing impaired social or occupational functioning. Moderate depression occurs with the no adjustments or low adjustments. With reactions of depression some stressors have cultivated and can be cured with the CBT – Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Interpersonal Therapy. Both thought process and behavior need to take care with the chronic psychological stressors.

Major Depression

Major Depression or Clinical Depression occurs when a person has one or more major depressive episode. Here person’s family, work or school life affect so much. Symptoms of major depressive are same but as so chronic that a person may have felt of self-harm or harm to others. And there are various subtypes of major depression.

Various Therapies used to deal with Depression but most useful therapies are Cognitive Behavior Therapy and interpersonal Therapy

It is important to check Depression as it leads to severe other physical health issues as well. For more assessment contact us.

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