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This concept of wellness workshop is for people who wants to enhance thought process, become more positive about life. Want to achieve psychological, spiritual and material goals in their life. Like we are attending many workshops for health, fitness etc. Similar way Mental workshops also quite important for the betterment of the mental health. It is important to understand few things about mental health.

Assertiveness is a great use while dealing with anger. It is healthier way to deal with anger rather suppressing it. To deal with anger confidently you must aThere is important research came out that if you have sound mental health and positive attitude for your life then you prevent serious health issues. Most of the physical health issue faced by the people because they do not have right attitude and mindset in their life. For an example, a person who worries so much start developing slowly heart trouble or blood pressure.ccess what do you want, what is your need and how do you meet with that need. It is most helpful method in dealing with anger as your needs can be met without harming or hurting others. Now, as all humans have different ways of dealing with anger. But expression of anger is of three ways:

So how this wellness workshop helps you to improve your mental state. How does this mindset and emotional state wellness workshop make change in your mental state and emotional wellbeing?

At the center of PurvangiShukla you can learn about your thought process, behavior, attitude towards life and achievement of life’s personal goals. Basically, wellness workshops arrange to solve daily thought process, self-sabotaging thoughts, fear, anxiety, relationship and financial issues, various mental disorders, to cope up with daily work-related stress etc. For example, Fear or Anxious thought process. So, a group of people talking about their stress, fear and anxiety.

Everyone in the group gets time to share their mental state openly. With the attitude of, “it’s ok to share”. This attitude helps a person to involve themselves and accept who they are. As each workshop designed with various Psychotherapies and practical exercises. From your perseverance of an information to analyses and interpretation would be possible by looking the same information differently. There are various different workshops help for different mental attitude with the achievement of the goals.

1) Applied Positive Psychology:

Now a days lots of people talk about positivity. Like think positive or be positive but how? Most of the people know about the concept but they do not know how to apply. While reading this you also may have a question about the realistic problem and positive attitude. Like someone is in grief of loved one’s death. And one can’t overcome inevitable. How positive psychology helps a person to deal with his grief? In this workshop person is learning about himself. Reality of life and looking the inevitable scenario with the acceptance level. Applied positive psychology workshop delas with many contemporary therapies along with the existential therapies. A person learns about him and makes his own ways by accepting things in his life. Both the psychologist and a group decide a goal to achieve. Such workshop helps people to understand and talk openly with the all other develop a feeling of he is not alone.

2) Existence Wellness Workshop

This workshop is based on your reality. What is your life and your life’s circumstances. Finding out meaning for your life by applying various techniques. This helps to deal with loneliness, death, loss etc. People who do not have an idea of their existence and what they actually do in their life? This workshop helpful to them. In existence workshop we try to find out meaning of life with the positive attitude and making ways to live happy life.

3) Eliminate your fear workshop

This workshop basically prepares for those people who are too much in fear for future. This workshop gives you an answer of your stress and worrisome state of mind. In this workshop learn about your mindset. Like why do you feel stress and fear for your life? How your overthinking issue disabled you and you become inactive by postponing your important work? You become obeys because in stress you have cultivated some compulsory behavior. You have insomnia (sleep issue) or eating disorders because of your fearful thought process.

In this workshop we find actual stressors which are they. And are they real stressor who ruin your life? By finding this out in workshop one can achieve clarity of mind, change in behavior, remove various OCDs and social anxiety.

These are only few glimpses of various wellness workshop. But there are many other workshops arrange at PurvangiShukla center and will get you update on upcoming events. Benefits of wellness workshop:

For more details and to connect you may definitely contact us. Remember more important in this world to have right attitude with the positive mindset. LEARN MORE, GROW MORE.

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