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Now psychology and the psychotherapy is wide spread and accepted by everyone. It is not a shameful act to take therapies to improve mental state. But still there some preconceived notion in people’s mind about it. Specially, Academic issue if we talk then parents become silent for their kids.

Their worried state of mind for child’s future certainly, stop them to take further help. But Psychology helps children, teens and people of all age. How academic issue becomes psychological problem for parents and children? Why so much pressure of studies faced by children and they sometimes find easy to end their life rather pursue the education.

Do education system is responsible for their curriculum? Do schools and universities are responsible for the future of students? All questions are there but the biggest question how academic issue now a days become a big psychological issue?

Too much stress of exams

Parents now a days have fear how their child can be cop up with current competitive environment? How come their children overcome and do well without studies? How come they get success if they are not completed their degrees? Well, all these questions are very common in parent’s mind.

They also feel stressed and pressurized with exams. But it is not real exam of life. As everyone want to become successful. Nothing wrong into the same. If your kid is not doing good in exams does not mean he can’t do in his life. Every id is not such that they are good in academy but there are many who are good in many other skills through which they can serve people.

Generate good amount as well as happiness. So why to pressure you kid for exams. Rather understand his limitations and help him to overcome the same. No need to create negative stress one can create positive stress to be perfect.

Anxiety for future:

Anxiety is basically results of present and future thoughts. When any person is anxious, he predicts and imagine worst in his mind. Same thing happened with parent’s mindset as well. They live in present and thin in future. Also, in kids mind self-negativity build up about them for exams and stress for life.

Since childhood they cultivate negativity about life and about their survival. So future anxiety needs to be learned and managed by whole family. For further details you may read next my areas of expertise for Family conflicts.

Comparing self with others:

Any healthy mental stress is creating and developing nice positive personality. A strong character built up from positive behavior and strong belief system. If parents feel with their preconceived notion that their child is not capable then child also can believe the same about himself.

Such feelings are results from the comparison with others. If being parents your habit is to compare your child with others your child may also cultivate problem of inferiority or superiority complex. In future they may not in position to take any risk or may refrain to participate in innovative work. So, wait and hold on before you compare. Also, ask self what is the reason of comparison?

Social status and financial security:

Of course, many parents want their child to study so that they get good social status. They can create a status quo and in doing so they many times pressurize their kids. But “what will be done?” in future and how my child will cope up are most anxious questions arise in mind. And become main reasons for the Academic Pressure.

What to follow passion or job?

It is plainly duty of parents that they should understand qualities of their kids. They should not only find but also encourage kids to take participate in various activities which will become their life satisfaction and life purpose work of their life.

What is the use if your kids are holding great degree but not happy with his work life? Earning money and status life style is not only parameter for success. Success comes withing with the self-satisfaction and self-fulfillment.

These are five major points where every child is facing academic issue. If they do not pressurize than parents and peer groups make them worried by the words and putting pressure for studies. You might also read this article to find solution or maybe you want to look for more help. As my role is to give solution and not catch the cause some helpful tips may support to improve your thought process.

5 Tips for parents:

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