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Do you understand the meaning of bullying? While reading this area of expertise you may peep into your childhood. You may find many instences where you were bullied by parents, teachers, classmates or some time friends.

Such incidents left with the scars and those are affected in adulthood while you have some emotional disturbance. You may recall those incidents with the images, thoughts or spoken words. In many instances it was found that a person faced bullied issue in his childhood either become so much emotionally submissive or overly dominant.

In both the cases a person is facing issue with the relationship, work life and behavioral as well. A person who has faced issues may also deal with chronic depression, anxiety, social anxiety and low self-esteem. They lose the confidence on self and believing on the beliefs of the others. If you are reading this area of expertise and if you have such issue in your life currently, how would you deal with the same? Here, I am suggesting you to find yourself.

What do you believe about yourself?

While I am asking this question to many of my clients in counseling, they are unable to give answer. They really do not know anything about themselves. In response I can see their puzzled eyes and their inner question like what do you mean by that? Here, most important thing to understand who you really are? As we get hammerings on daily basis for lots of advertisements.

We daily have dose of those things even we do not require. But after getting this information on daily basis you start thinking over and create a demand even it is not required. Exactly the same way in your childhood you are bullied by and you have certain beliefs about yourself. Which are not yours but those were installed and you behaved the same way. So, to deal with the bullied emotions you need to understand yourself separately then your installed belief

Do not blame:

Once you find that you are different than what you have believed up till now. Do not blame anyone. Neither do not indulge in any conversation. But try to stick to your new findings. Love to follow the person within you then follow. Do not take permission from anyone nor confirmation.

Silently work on your behavior, self-confidence and self-esteem. Also, do mirror image at least for five minutes daily which strengthen your new belief about yourself. Do not afraid for new outcomes as it proves your new born persona.

Remember find purpose of your life:

Many bullied children lost their path. What they want to be and what they are have vast difference. Their internal story is not meeting with their outer story. And that creates lots of mess in life. Lots of emotional trauma one can face like confusion, irritation, anger, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, mood swings etc.

But life is not what others believe in you. Life is that what you believe about yourself. If you want to be happy and self-fulfilled then find the purpose of your life. You may definitely take help of professionals to find your right path

Bulling Issues in your past or in your present life should not dominant over your mental state. But find what you get and improve from what you are.

Chronic issues arise from Bullying Issues:

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