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Applied Positive Psychology in Ahmedabad | India

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Applied Positive Psychology in Ahmedabad enhance and build your inner strength.

By Purvangi Shukla

It boost enjoyment in life by strengthening relationship at your home, work and school. A great benefit of Applied Positive Psychology is to cultivate view of 360 degree to see negative scenarios. One can find inner peace and harmony by understanding outside world and cope with the weaknesses.

Benefits of Applied Positive Psychology Program

Increase in self -esteem improved relationship and having positive outlook towards life. Acceptance build up a courage to heal your wounds and pain and giving strength to change life scenario.

Individualized Care

Positive Psychology only focuses on your thoughts and feelings by eliminating negativity and build up strong character

Building trust

You understand gratitude, hope, well-being and life satisfaction with optimism.

Injury prevention

Healing your wounds and traumas by applying proper thought process. Feel yourself comfortable in any situation

Health Wellness

Applied Positive Psychology helps organization to build healthy work environment. Inner strength provides happy and satisfied life at every segment of your life.


Apply Positive Psychology in life and learn about life balancing

Question may arise in your mind that haw can I feel my negative situation with positive outlook. You learn about Gratefulness, Acceptance and change your negative scenario in positive one.


In this therapy, you gain yourself

We are perceiving information and filter the same based on our past experiences. But in this therapy, you optimistically choose to view those scenarios to build strong persona.


Positive Psychology helps to build great organization and home

While working to face this hard world your inner should strong enough to take things in optimistic and learning way. By looking at the good side of the life we adapt the weakness to change it.

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What to expect from Applied Positive Psychology?


This is the program designed for professionals, business people, householders, students at all level. Here, in this program one can boost in self-esteem change in perspective improved relationship, higher productivity and increased success.

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