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Purvangi Shukla - Psychologist in Ahmedabad

Purvangishukla.com Counselling & Psychotherapy is run by Miss. Purvangi Shukla, she is best psychologist in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. She is an experienced, qualified Psychotherapist Counsellor In Ahmedabad with years of experience in various fields and exceptional academic records.

During her degrees, she is specializing in counselling and psychotherapy. She is hardworking, creative and like to take challanges. She thinks that a human can grow only in a tough time. You may go through the videos and Blogs where she have emphasised about the Optimistic thought process and emotions process with the different techniques.


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A personal counsellor & psychologist in ahmedabad who helps you

Experience Of Working With Range Of Clients Suffering From Depression, Anxiety, Stress Management, Marriage Counselling, Relationship, Addiction, Career Counselling, Personality Development and Parenting Etc.

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Happy Stories

John Rima - Building Relation with self

Hi Purvangi! Thank you so much for being a personal counsellor for three months. I feel and listen to my heartbeats. When I came across your details, I wondered how come you align psychology and spirituality. Because I am in search of ME since long but could not find the ways, you taught that life is the balance of everything. It should not always empty and always full. But it should be with the balance thoughts and actions. I am happy that I am not now counting on results but more focused on self and it's actions which you always called (taken by the body). I learnt a clear definition of Soul and Body. A battlefield Inside life and worldly possessions. Thank you for your best counselling in terms of Spiritual growth.

Mr Sanjay - Counselling through Journaling

I am glad here to write about my story here. Life was not accessible before I met Ms Purvangi. I am sure she also might have come across many hurdles in her life. But she has cultivated nature of positivity with the Positivity counselling. I learnt from my sessions that anything and whatever happened in life is happening only for good as I am a good follower of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita. I practically learnt that. Sometimes we knew about verses, but we do not know how to apply the same in real life. When I discovered the experiences as per her terms, I fall in love with my life. I fall in love with me. She taught me how writing is helpful for clarity in life, managing the emotions and deal with the tough time. I thankful to her for her counselling based on her own therapies. Thank you so much for making my life grateful.

Neal James - Best Life Coach

I was not sober before one year. Facing issue of liquor and smoke. Due to substantial difference between the family culture and values I always being abandoned child. Average in Academy but now I am totally sober. Techniques which she has applied and constant follow up for my accountability for my sobriety help me to bring my life back on track. I do not have much words here to share but yes I am glad if I can share with you one of her technique called Face your Mirror - Such a healing and self talk technique I have ever learnt.

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