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family therapy in ahmedabad

Parenting Counseling or Positive Parenting Counseling is an effective tool to lower the distance between Parents and Kids. This Therapy sessions are designed especially for parents. Parenting Counseling aims to empower parents to become the most effective parents for their kids. It is generally an hour-long session or designed for Group Parenting workshops.

Parenting Counseling helps parents overcome conflicts with children, and establish better communication. It helps to build strong bonds and understanding between parents and kids, which builds up a healthy family environment. Parenting Counseling helps in the growth of kids with the help of parents and resolves conflicts. This resulted in kids learning to resolve problems by themselves.

Why do parents require Parenting Counseling?

Nurture and growth are side-by-side processes. One is affecting the other and vice-versa. Parents nowadays are either busy professionals or find work-life balance difficulties, which directly affects the parent-child relationship. Communication is a key factor in this relationship. But in many cases, kids are unable to cope with their parents and the same applies to parents. Parenting Counseling focuses on:

Benefits of Parenting Counseling in Ahmedabad

It is difficult to resolve conflicts while assumptions and judgements take place in any relationship. There is always a hidden stretch going on between parents and children who will listen to whom and why? This is the only reason that Parenting Counseling gives immense benefits.

Family Therapy is between all family members and as a Psychologist I can note the structure of the family. Just putting pressure only on a single person to change and adopt others all can learn about acceptance. Some behavioural change helps a lot to overcome conflicts.

Develop Better Parenting

You listen to so much information about parenting and you take whoever suits your parenting. But most of the information creates worse scenarios like never scolding your kids. Try to understand them and gradually your position is more submissive rather than a balanced parenting position. Parenting Counseling helps a lot in dealing with such issues. You do what fits to your kids.

Evaluate Expectation

Every parent wants their kids to be successful and well-educated. And this is a common terminology and anxiety as well. Many successful professionals and businessmen want their kids to be as good as they are and follow their legacy. But that creates sometimes bondage in relationships. Parenting Counseling is an effective tool to deal with communication and expectations.

Problem-solving skills

Sometimes dealing with difficult kids is a challenging task. Especially, in the fast era where both parents are working. Only communication sometimes does not help to solve problems. And relationships become worse. Parenting Counseling helps to solve problems effectively.

Healthier Family Communication

Kids tend to share things with friends more easily than parents. Because they feel they do not judge. They become more relaxed and open while talking to them. But they are not open and relaxed to share their views with parents for fear of being judged. Due to that many families are facing problems with healthy communication.

Support -Sometimes interventions of the professionals help a lot to deal with tough scenarios. Many therapies help to give good support and nurture the family. Family System Therapy, Behavioural Therapy, Narrative Family therapy, Psychoeducation, Supportive Family Therapy, Functional Family therapy and many more are very effective for Parenting Counseling


My kids do not listen? - this is the statement every parent feels when they want to inculcate Family Values, Leadership, Social Responsibilities, and Ownership in their children, But they face lots of issues while there are indifferent behaviours and outcomes of children. Family with rich backgrounds find issues in parenting while they want their kids to understand their comfort environment but simultaneously become better versions of themselves. Parents feel unheard when they can see their kids' dark future

Kids with rich and comfortable backgrounds face many mental health challenges. It looks like a dream come true when born into a rich and comfortable family. Issues are high when both parents are involved in the same business or working professionals. Kids feel like," My parents won't listen to me." Due to a lack of time and communication such kids feel pressure to succeed, Identity Issues, lack of privacy, and entitlement issues (like hardworking and earning by themselves).

Parenting Counseling helps parents deal with issues like

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