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Why Someone Suffering from Depression?

Why Someone Suffering from Depression

This is common question when you come across with certainly some people in your life who suffered from Depression. Maybe you are one of them who faced depression or facing depression currently.

Why Someone Suffering from Depression?

This is really important to understand why someone suffering from Depression? Or which are the factors or causes being responsible for depression. To understand depression, one need to understand basic characteristics. There are many causes of depression but still no cause of depression is fully known.

According to contemporary research, depression runs in families and that same people inherit the genetic vulnerability. However, there are certain important causes of depression.

Causes of Depression in Adolescents

Life Events:

Any major life events like death of family member or friend, separation or remarriage of parents, economic upheaval or school change are major depressive causes.

Family and Social Environment:

Home and school environment matters lot for teens. Insulting parents, parents’ relationship between them, over expectation of parents on child, no freedom for sports and selecting career etc., physical and verbal Insult by family members, stressful living conditions are major causes for depression in adult and youth. The negative social and personal consequences can lead to severe unhappiness and depression. Rejection by friends, teachers or parents are playing major role in depression. Any kind of victimization for negative event in life.

Cognitive Thinking (negative nature):

A person has negative mindset for perceiving information from outside world only negative or passively act against the negative events are prone to depression.

There are three stages of depression from Mild, moderate and severe. There is certain important cause for Major depressive disorders.

Stressful Life Events:

There are various models stresses on depression. For example, Diathesis Model stresses that the depression results when a preexisting vulnerability or diathesis, is activated by major stressful life events. Major preexisting vulnerability can be genetics. Like child – parents or caretaker separation, co- twin depression etc.

Negative Viewpoint:

People with the negative viewpoint of life majorly found depressed people. Additionally, low self-esteem and distorted or self-defeating thinking are related to depression. If we study these people, they have all negative thoughts for themselves, about their world, cognitive error in themselves recurrent the cognitive patterns of depressive thinking.

Parent child Relation:

In childhood when person not get proper separation and identification of self from the parents tend to deal with depression in later stage of their life. They consider themselves with the lack of confidence always perceived them wrong and afraid to take initiative in life due to responsibilities. They generally wait for right time to come and lose their life in negative and depressive thoughts.

Depression in Female:

Unemployment, raise to many children, limited source of income and Insulting stressful environment can cause depression in females. As per new studies postpartum depression a female is facing after labor for 3 months. Tiredness and ineffectiveness of physical health tend to believe her as paralyzed. This cause is major for female depression now a days.

There are many other important causes also responsible for the depression. Depression immediately require attention to cure and can be treated with various therapies which takes 15 to 20 weeks 1-2 hours of session every week.


  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)
  • Interpersonal Therapy (IPT)
  • Existential Therapy
  • Adlerian Therapy

Many other therapies also proved best to cure from depression.

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