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Why Should I Go to Therapy?

Why Should I Go to Therapy

I love to share “Why Should I Go to Therapy” with you details about the great subjects through this medium. In fact, I am privileged to share all my research and knowledge with you for free so that you can use them without going through the strain of reading so many books or scrolling through various articles on Google.

I am a specialist in various therapies so that you can get relief and healing from your current state of mind. As you are reading you might wonder when anyone should consult a therapist. This is simple but profound information I have shared in this blog.

Why Should I Go to Therapy

In order to understand WHY is it important to go to therapy. These are the top 5 reasons to go to therapy.

You are not Alone:
Why Should I Go to Therapy

First of all, we as humans fall ill many times. Physical ill health is easy to share and accept. But if you talk about the problem with the mindset and emotional state then you are afraid of what will others think or speak about you. And you avoid it for a long time as if it is not important. Or who will see my thoughts and emotions? In order to avoid reality you caught up in the same thought pattern.

And that pattern leads our whole life. Thought patterns and emotional state are both you learned since your childhood. Say, you started speaking and learning a language. Since that time you have had certain beliefs. You perceived information about this world and your existence in this world. Your past memories. thoughts, beliefs about self, and others decide your thought pattern. You worried about the future, survival, meet to an end, family, social, financial, and professional responsibilities. And simple looking pieces of stuff you perceive with the mind and eye of others. When your internal story and outer condition are not meeting.

When your desire to become something and what actually you become creates lots of chaos. And here it starts with the journey for negative thought patterns and feeling low, sad, unhappy, irritated, frustrated, depressed, and so on. You caught up with the same or another mental problems. And you feel ashamed about yourself only. This feeling of self-unworthy leads to so many issues like schizophrenia, distress, anxiety, bipolar disorders, depression, anger, confusion, Hyper Activity, Phobia, OCD, Attention deficit, behavioural issues, etc.

Thoughts create Emotions:
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If you think constructive thoughts you become a strong person, but if you choose to destructive thoughts it breaks you first.

You may get an idea from the above quote that our conscious mind is so strong. Our consciousness is logical and reasoning. Before we think any thought it analyses it. And then we think that thought deeply. Nowadays, your consciousness is affected. Because of multitasking, noise, distractions, lots of information, and excessive use of mobile. Your mind is always looking for something new.

As it forgets to focus consciously on a single task. Since morning we assign to do list in a way that we usually do in a hurry to complete tasks at hand. You never even notice why you even rushing behind things and slowly you have lost your consciousness. You have started cultivating auto thought patterns and auto behaviour.

Why do you do certain things you do it only with unconsciousness. Like in the morning you wake up and immediately you take you phone. You see all the updates and everything. But before you take your phone in hand have you ever consciously asked or seen your action. No. This has become your auto behaviour. And this creates lots of trouble in emotions. Why you feel negative, worry, stress, fear, depress, anxiety, impatience etc. you never even know the reason.

I have experienced in therapy sessions that people feel sad or depressed but why they do not know? This is almost same thought pattern for 75% of the people in this world. You just rush for help when you find yourself really stuck.

Behavioral Issue:
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Constructive thoughts creates harmony, peace and happiness, Destructive thoughts create dissonance, chaos and sadness.

Those above written words are enough for you to understand that your behavior is a result of your thoughts and feelings. You either underperform or you escape both depend upon your belief and thoughts you think. Any human behaves in a certain way in a certain circumstances.

That behavior becomes good or bad when it creates fruits from that action and communication. If you understand destructive behavior like anger, bullying, any type of obsessive complusion (OCD), crying, avoiding or escaping from responsibilities, lying, etc. then it affects badly in the long run of the life first on the mental state and then the emotional state.

If you understand your behavior and you know that your behavior is not correct even you behave automatically. Because you are not conscious. You just act because your thoughts and emotions are dependent on the outside factors. Factors will define your thoughts, moods, and behaviors.

Negative Thoughts:

Our ancient mind is always worried about survival. Earlier we have fear of animals, diseases, early death, etc. But now modern men have different issues for survival. But thoughts are the same. You always worried since your childhood to be a ranker, then you worried about family and love life, worried about finance and success, and after all worried about ill health, and death.

Every human life starts and ends in this circle. And you are caught up in negative thought pattern. You are worried, stressed, fearful and then have mood issues. You feel like you imprison in an invisible cage. And unable to break the bars. So these thoughts are invisible not physically harm you but it harms your life.

Many people are even not aware about their negative thought pattern. They always complain, worried, irritated, and crying for small things. They expect others to be best but they do not understand their own expectation.

Find Yourself:

Spirituality starts with self-awareness. Now it becomes a trend for people to sit in meditation. But they really do not know why they sit in the meditation. They do because someone told them or they might have seen some celebrity to follow that. There is no meaning just sitting in Padmasana by closing your eyes.

You just drift in your thoughts, images, and audio sounds. Many have a myth that real meditation means having no thought. In fact, this is also one of the thoughts of not having thought in mind. So if you want to understand yourself and purpose of your life then you slowly gradually become conscious.

I tried to cover all most top 5 reasons why should go to therapy. But there are also other many reasons as well to go to therapy. Like..

– Career Counselling

– Anger management

– Parenting

– Post and pre marital status

– Parents – child relationship

– Goal Achievement

– Financial Crisis

– Post traumatic Disorder

– Stress and social anxiety etc.

If you aware that your life needs direction and purpose then therapy is the best way to lead your life. Unless you do not lead your life someone else is leading you. If you find yourself in trouble and you really feel that you need to take a therapy book your session now.

Purposeless people used by purposeful people

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