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Why is Counselling important for children?

Why is Counselling important for children

Counselling for children is one of the systematic approaches to dealing with emotionality and mental health. Children are very vulnerable when they come across new incidents of life or when they first interact with the rejection. Even the environment at home and school matters most.

As a parent, you have encountered many obstacles in life. Same as adults kids and teenagers as well find lots of issues with emotional and mental aspects. It is not always that your kid has a problem then you seek professional help.

But without waiting for problems to occur and then we seek help. Be Proactive. Out of many benefits, there are the top 5 benefits of Child Counselling.


Child counselling

Children as mentioned are vulnerable to their thoughts and feelings. At their age, it is difficult for them to express their feelings in the right words and in the right way. They face peer pressure, understand self -issues, dealing with the stress of education and comparison between others as well many times.

Such issues are difficult for them to manage and children do not know how to express them in right words. They sometimes show tremendous anger on themselves or they break toys, heating animals, bullying on siblings or parents.

They do not know what to do to express their feelings. And in order to deal with them they use destructive coping mechanism. Counselling to Teenagers specially very helpful because they deal with change. Change from childhood to adulthood and many of them not ready to accept changes.

Many children are not ready to accept changes happen in their body and they are unable to fit themselves with small age children nor with elders. Counselling is a very systematic approach to deal with such feelings. How to express feelings with the right words. Select to express rather suppress.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy plays really great role in dealing with child emotions. Children can understand their weak beliefs and negative thoughts.

They accept them and apply new beliefs instead old destructive beliefs. It is really beneficial for those children who really suffer within their internal story and want to match with the outside outcomes.


child counselling in ahmedabad

A man has reached to Moon and Mars with the help of Self-Confidence. What is Self-confidence? It is an attitude about own skills and abilities. With the same product different businessmen will generate different profit. Why? Confidence matters.

Confidence where a person builds trust and self-control. One can understand own weakness and qualities. Accordingly one can keep goals and achieve them. Children mostly lose their self-confidence because they really do not understand themselves. They really do not know what are their weaknesses and limitations.

They are more dependent on their parents and teachers. Including their friends and other people. They build their confidence level based on other people judgements and outside environment plays big role. Through Therapy child is getting confidence.

Various of IQ tests and Personality Measurement tests help them to understand their limitations. How to cope with them and improve them is possible through child counselling.

Similar way Self-esteem also plays very big role. How do you understand yourself and perceive others. Self-esteem creates lots beliefs, assumptions, rules and regulations. Based on all kids look at all information and they perceive the same.

In this information era it is important what your kid is thinking and what does he understand by that? Self-esteem creates self-confidence and one can definitely cope once they achieve both of them. Child Counselling plays major role in increasing both self-confidence and self -esteem.



Many parents always complained about their own children. They continuously scold them or either they lecture them. This is common problem I am getting in each counselling session. Because parents are anxious. They want their kid to be the most. They expect much from their kids.

And in doing so they sometimes pressurised or kill the creativity of kids. Kids are feeling controlled and not having freedom to do or act as they want. And such negative feelings grow so fast both in parent-child. Daily heated conversation makes children more submissive or rebellion. And they either do not listen self or others.

Which in long run kills beautiful relationship between child-parent. Both of them lose trust on each other. And eventually ended with very nasty things. Counselling with child covers some of the portion of parenting.

Re-establish communication between kids-parent by addressing most heated topics. Children can take positive aspects of parents while parents also can understand children without judging each other.


Why is Counselling important for children

Resilience is just not flexibility. Resilience means ABC. As in A comes first and then B same way resilience comes with the thinking process. How one can take most negative scenario in positive and realistic ways. And then commit to act to get best conclusion. A stands for Incidents, B stands for belief and C stands for Consequences.

When any person reach to conclusion fast without attempting it then overthinking and stress paralysed mind. So to build resilience is more important than just flexibility. Child counselling helps kids to understand what they believe about particular incidents.

How they perceive in their mind and which are the consequences they think before they act. Counselling is such helpful to understand one’s visualisation and matching with the one’s emotions.


Conscious mind works as a gateway. What do want to think? It is like a gatekeeper sitting and guard who goes inside and who comes out. Children have very less experience. The world is new to them. Each information is new to them. And they perceive each based on the rewards they are getting.

Their body consciousness is very less in early age. And hence they want to try and fulfil their senses with the bare minimum struggle. But through counselling new ways of positive beliefs can be installed.

A child can take advantages from most adverse life incidents. Child counselling builds lots of resilience, self-confidence, self-esteem, communication, expression of feelings and new beliefs. Counselling empowers child to think in new ways so they can become more strong and truthful.

Authenticity and self -honesty empower them to deal with any adversity. And they can learn more about them and world.

There various benefits of Child counselling. But these are most important benefits which help a kid to grow more happier in life. If you think you need to consult a professional but you hesitate then this is an eye opening information. This will help you think in more optimistic way rather just sitting around and waiting for miracles to happen. For counselling you may definitely contact us. We happy to cure you with therapy.

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