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What is the difference between child guidance and counselling?

difference between child guidance and counselling

You are a parent and you may look for professional help for your kid. But you are not sure what the is difference between child guidance and child counselling? Maybe you are also unable to understand whether your kid wants counselling or guidance.

Here are some of the sights I want you to read before you reach out to any professional. Before I give all details for Child Counselling and Child Guidance I want you to understand how childhood matters most in developing adulthood.

As a psychologist, I am listening to lots of childhood stories. Childhood is the most important part of any human’s development and cultivation of life. As a child psychologist, I also can see the habits and behaviours of children which reflect the parent’s communication and how they brought up a kid. If you are being parent worried about your kid’s future you may be too harsh or over-pampered.

Maybe you do not know how to balance between and that is why you feel is it us who needs counselling, and guidance or if it kid needs that. Today I will help you to answer the questions which raised in your mind. And I hope it may throw some light.

Difference between Child Guidance and Counselling

How do I know whether my kid needs Counselling or Guidance?

Sometimes there is a thin line between counselling and Guidance. But frankly, if you can understand the deep need to solve an issue or problems your kid is facing you will be in a position to take a call for Counselling and Guidance. As mentioned above difference with the utter most transparently still you look for symptoms where you need to approach for a Counselling session and when for Guidance.


If you can observe your kid behave very differently. There is a sudden change in his tone, communication, bullying, being lied and also hiding things in fear of being caught or feeling inferior. If you can see that your kid does not agree with things at first but becomes negative then it takes too much time to convince him. You need to immediately seek the help of a Child Psychologist.


Teenage is crucial to handle by any kid or even by parents. At this age, your child may not be able to match with the younger age people or with the elder age people. They feel like they are the only ones who face such issues. They also can’t accept body changes.

Especially facial and body changes are hard to accept. They have questions like why am I having this? Because of their sudden change, they may shift from one interest to another interest level. Their habits have changed and it is unusual for them to accommodate with the growing age. You can take the help of a Psychologist.


Social anxiety in teenagers is common. Especially kids are studying in 10th or 12th grade. Generally, people used to ask about his performance, grades and future planning in social gatherings. Many kids avoid such situations as they are not sure most of the time and they do not want to face such situations.

They also get comments on their physics and people may judge your kid based on his grades or his performance. Which may or may not be accepted.

Hence, your kid may prefer to isolate. And want to be within. If there is such an observation you may have and find there are some issues in communicating with others seek professional help. One or two sessions with a professional person may change your perspective and perception of your kid.


It is a kind of OCD. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Here your kid is continuously worried about his or her appearance. look into the mirror or take selfies to see how he or she looks. Continuously making a hair or always conscious about others’ opinions of looks.

Another opinion matters a lot and if they negatively comment on one appearance then they feel sudden sadness, frustration and irritation. Spending more time getting ready or in the shower is a common symptom found in teenagers. Taking a Counselling session is advisable rather than going for guidance.


If your child is excessively complaining or sad continuously you need to take serious action to talk to someone. If your kid is feeling stressed and anxious about small matters. Anxious at the time of exams or in some school functions or so take note of that. Emotional changes in teenagers are very common. But certain repeated behaviours and beliefs you need to observe and if you are confused you may take a professional help with the assessments.

Of course, there are very many differences between Guidance and Counselling. But both help a lot depending on the demand. Your kid is your future asset. And as a parent your first duty and responsibility is to make his life. Cultivate, nurture and grow your kid emotionally strong.

If you are feeling this symptoms in your child, you can simply book your session for online/offline counselling.

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