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What is adult counselling?

What is adult counselling

Adult Counselling and Adult therapy define where an adult is getting self-discovery, self-development, and self-realization through introspection and self-awareness. Introspection is one of the key points of Adult counselling where a person tries to deal with life issues and emotional issues with a good coping mechanism.

Our life is driven by our childhood experiences, faith, and the hope we have for ourselves and this world. Our world is currently demanding and we live in the Information Era. Where you are considered to be intelligent when your emotionality copes with life demands.

adult counselling

While doing adult counselling I have found that our faith, hope, and self-expectations vary a lot when we do something and we think something. In dealing with the Adult counselling I generally asked my clients to write their external outcome and internal story. So if the gap is bigger than more emotional challenges one is facing in his life.

Especially emotional challenges like Depression, OCD, Anxiety, Stress, difficulties in daily work-life balance, relationship or family issues, excessive screen time, sitting in a corner lifestyle, avoiding social gatherings, and many more. When an adult is introspecting on his life while he is in adult counselling he can see easily understand himself.

Many of them are facing problems of having non-clarity, being unable to express themselves properly, being wrongly interpreted and misunderstood by someone, being angry, frustrated, and having always a question why me?

Adult counselling or Adult therapy is one of the best ways to deal with your emotions. It is not considered that only people who are recognized with emotional challenges or mental disturbance can approach counseling or seek a Psychologist’s help. But it is for each person who wants to self-develop, learn good coping mechanisms, self-realization, and make life happier.

The ultimate goal of each human on this earth is to be happy and that is the goal of Adult Counselling. Now, take a look at how Adult counselling or therapy helps you personally.

However, there is no age limit for the counselling of an adult. Any person may face challenges in life at any stage or at any age. Because psychologists also studied LIFE SPAN DEVELOPMENT with COGNITIVITY of a human life. They researched Life Span Development is constantly starts from conception to the end of human life. So there is no age as such to consult a psychologist.

Challenges are part of the life. You are considered to be successful when you know how to deal with them. Challenges are coming in any form. Maybe you are facing issues in more than one area of your life. And you want to cure yourself by learning much about yourself.

First you need to segment your life. Once you chunk your weak area you will be able to understand what you are facing. I segmented my client’s life into various segments. Which helps both of us to see the real problem. Generally, overgeneralization and ego displacement are common in mental disturbance. You want to address something but consciously you try to solve something else.

Because you do not know what is the actual problem. When you segment your life at least you try to find out what area of improvement I look for in which segment. So, here look at the chart. I prepared customized therapies as per the issues one was facing and we (the client & I) both worked as a team to cope with it.

Personal LifeProfessional LifeFamily OR Married Life
Financial LifeEmotional LifeSpiritual Life

Choose your segmented life which is currently affected and because of that your days and months are passing unproductive, unclear, and unhappy. Once you choose to work on yourself you realize that the best thing one can do in life is to work on self-development. But it is tough and a little longer. If you patiently follow the practice with the help of a psychologist then progress is tremendous.

Only a Psychologist is a person who can empathetically view your life and not give guidance or suggestions but drive you there to find an actual solution. Working on the old hopes, faith, and self-fulfilling prophecy is not that easy because we all are following our thoughts, actions, and behaviors continuously and getting the same results.

Once you segment only you will be able to understand which part of your life is affected and which has affected the rest of the parts as well. Like we have problems in our life 20% to 25% but we overgeneralize it by 80% to 85%. So here we considered that whole life is problem but actually some segments have some problems.


Adult counselling discovers a lot within you.  What is the real problem that eats you up and you are unable to find meaning in your life? So, some of the common issues I mentioned here for your knowledge.

  • Find and cure Depressive, low-mood feelings
  • Chronic stress and tension for future
  • Grief and trauma from past incidents in life like separation, divorce, business loss, etc.
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) which affects daily chores
  • Excessive unwanted negative thoughts for self and Anxiety
  • Fear of something
  • Post Traumatic Stress 
  • Marital and Family Issues – Parent-child relationship issues.

While you are reading you feel that how this works. And is it helpful to me? While people are looking for counselling or therapy they feel it may be a kind of learning program or maybe some motivational things may happen. But really Adult counselling is more than that.

It is a very systematic approach one is going through where findings are most important. In many cases, Adults know their problem but they are unable to execute behaviors. In many cases, people really do not know what is an actual problem but they consider on the surface something else, and deep down there are some other problems. So as a psychologist, I drive you to your actual hurdle and we as a team work to hit the target.

  • Find your hurdles
  • Faith and hopes
  • Work on Why
  • Rather than questioning “How”, do “What”
  • Acceptance and Adaptation and change (AAC)
  • New Behaviors rather than older ones
  • Resilience and Coping

My goal is to cure with therapy. Why? Because I strongly adopted the period of experience that change comes from within and not from outside. I love to work for adults who seek self-knowledge and self – development so that they can find meaning in their lives. Adult Counselling is one of the best ways to find yourself with the help of professionals. And THERE ARE THREE TYPES OF HUMNAS in this world according to me.


Now, it is your choice which type of human you want to become. Choose wisely. Poor choices lead to poor results. Love to cure people with the help of Adult Counselling. You may contact me to book your Appointment today

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