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What does counselling mean for kids | Why Child Counselling

What do you mean by Child Counselling? This question may arise when you find your kids different in their growing age. Parent and child communication and relation do lots of miracles. But only when both are on the same page or both may understand each other so well.

As Parenting becomes difficult nowadays. One needs to understand therapy or professional help is one of the best options for kids. Because kids are more vulnerable because they have not yet built Practical intelligence, they do not say “Street Smart” because they lack experience and age. So many times being a parent it is difficult to find out the root cause.

Counselling plays a major role if the child is disturbed or facing some issues in their life. Unable to understand parents and always such communication turns into heated arguments and bullying. In many cases, kids are unable to make parents understand what they are going through and why.

And they feel judged and unheard. These kinds of clashes create lots of trouble in early childhood. Such issues become beliefs in one’s mind for last long.

However, counselling does not only work for kids but also adults. In many cases, it is required to take full family counselling. As each family member is dependent on the other one. And kids get two different responses for the same thing.

When Family conflicts are on the higher side or when parents are facing marital issues and separation then counselling is the best suggestion for both Child Counselling and Family counselling. As you are reading this article you may have a question when can I get help professional help or counselling for my kid?

Child Counselling needs when you find below major issues in your kid. Also, how child counselling is working. Counselling is a standard format where from the first session to the last session a Psychologist and child both set the Goal and Agenda of the session.

They both work as a team. First evaluation session in which various Assessments like WAIS-IV (Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale), WIAT-III (Wechsler Individual Achievement Test Second Edition), Intellectual ability tests, In-depth Cognitive tests, Ability tests, visual-motor activity tests and many more types of tests are conducted.

Based on the tests and evaluation with the help of the parents one can set a goal to cure a child through therapies. As there are important symptoms as parents you need to observe. Which will help you whether to get professional psychological help or not?

  1. Aggression and anger
  2. Leakage of Urine
  3. Difficulty in adjusting social functions or facing social anxiety
  4. Too much problem with the Isolation and Screentime
  5. Having an issue with communication and making new friends
  6. Constant worry and anxiety
  7. Fear of losing someone or a loved one from the family
  8. Sudden loss in appetite or weight loss
  9. Repetitive behaviours like washing hands
  10. Insomnia or hypersomnia
  11. Losing interest in activities which earlier liked most
  12. Difficulty in adjusting to new place or school
  13. Loss of a loved one like a pet, family person etc.
  14. Feel like nothing left now and all over
  15. Try to run away from responsibilities and ownership 16) Continuous Self Negative Thought process or self-stopping thoughts.

Children are very vulnerable towards their emotions and emotions carried about them by others. If being a parent you find difficulty in handling your kid then therapy is the best solution. Therapies work miracles in people’s lives. Be it adult or child. Because it helps you understand yourself.

A psychologist helps you to understand yourself. And make oneness within. It re-establishes a connection with yourself. Your child can benefit from the child counselling in various ways.

Parents-Child Relationship

Psychosocial Support

Nowadays children feel that their parents are unable to understand them. And they just give them lectures on life. Parents are anxious and worried about their kids’ future and sometimes impose decisions on children. Because of the lack of communication and understanding, the relationship between parent-child is not going well in many cases.

They both seem to be in opposite directions and unable to cure many problems between them. Which become beliefs and sometimes strong perceptions towards each other. In therapy, your kids can understand why parents are worried, anxious and pushy.

The relationship between then them is working towards growth but not destruction. Due to systematic child therapy, a child-parent relationship reaches milestones.

Increase Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

expert Psychologist in ahmedabad

Play Therapy Cognitive Behaviour therapy even Dialectal Behaviour therapy with Mindfulness boosts self-confidence in children. After Covid many kids lose their original charm of being social and also not able to communicate properly within society.

They have developed social anxiety, people’s perception and judgements make them overthink about their appearance, career, growth in studies. They worried if anyone encounter them for their growth or future perspective. They try to avoid such situations. Also, increase in screen time makes them isolated from the communication.

Many kids unable to speak properly and if they then they worried for their appearance. And they try to avoid people and family in many aspects. They are majorly absent mentally while they physically presence. Counselling matters to kids most because their they can cure them without any judgements. They teach about themselves and of course about the world. As soon as they grow in their confidence their self-esteem increase, Mental clarity is beautiful gift of Information Era. 

Help in managing Anxiety and Anger

Behavioral Therapy in ahmedabad

Anger is not bad. Until it expresses at the right time, with the right words to the right people. But parents understanding with the anger is different. They shut their kids and not giving space to express their feelings. In many cases they get space but then parents become vulnerable and unable to find solution for their bullying Issues and anger.

Hence, it is important rather to scold a child which becomes their beliefs about themselves. Counselling helps them their expression. Self-negative thinking and self-stopping thoughts are playing major role. In many cases parents even unable to understand their kids behaviour and communication.

Resulted in to heated arguments and wrong judgements. If you believe that your kid is different identity then you then Counselling with the help of professional is necessary. They really able to understand their own nature, limitations and qualities.

Help to adopt a new change

Best Child Psychologist in Ahmedabad
Best Child Psychologist in Ahmedabad

Changes are quite difficult for many kids. Especially when parents are separated or divorced, going through financial crisis, changing school or home effect many kids. New changes are not adapted by them and they feel something wrong with them or the others.

But taking professional help while going through some new major change make them resilience towards change. They are more relaxed with new things and explore new things about them and others.

Work on Self-beliefs


Self-beliefs are playing major role not only in kids life but also in adult. “I am loser, I am not intelligent, I am not beautiful, I am not smart as others, I am not getting good scores, etc.” You might have heard your kids speak such words like this or they may have some mental images for themselves.

Such images and thoughts are playing very much big roles in their lives. They make certain decisions accordingly and do same behaviours. Which looks sometimes abnormal to others but they try to accept or they want to prove their beliefs wrong.

Hence, they are not natural and normal. Counselling really helps them a lot to work on their self-beliefs and a Psychologist helps to overcome certain thoughts. And that works miracles on their part.

Help to overcome past trauma

Trauma in early childhood leave many scars in mind. A child in his\her growing age build certain image about world and themselves. Either they become submissive or rebellion and in both the cases they lose their opportunities to learn and live happy life.

Ultimate goal of any counselling sessions are to overcome past trauma and also, to deal with them with acceptance. Acceptance and commitment therapy helps a lot in overcome certain life’s situations.

New ways to learn old things

What are we passing to future generation? Stress of life or meaning of life. Become a parent is just not a responsibility but an opportunity to give best gift to society. While kids are like plain whiteboard.

You may write whichever beneficial to them and overcome limitations with the help of counselling is other really good aspects. Teach your kids values of life, character and ethics and that is possible through intervention of a professional personality.

Counselling is a very systematic approach through which you can build best character in your kid. It is an acceptance of weakness and deal with the weakness in way then one can build a successful life. For more details to a book session you may definitely contact. Why is Counselling important for children?

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