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What are the symptoms of Anxiety?

What are the symptoms of Anxiety

Before understand symptoms of Anxiety, it is important to understand Anxiety. What is anxiety? Why one person feels anxiety? You may come across various meaning for the Anxiety but there is simple terminology to understand this feeling.

Anxiety is one of the feelings which a man feels while something expected is unmet. So, if we go in detailed about the feelings of the Anxiety:

Symptoms of Anxiety

People who have anxiety constantly and persistently worry or having fear about the future or some futuristic events.

Anxiety attacks also known as panic attacks. Where all of a sudden person feels about some danger and fear.

Anxiety is an episode of intense feeling of fear.

Anxiety can be understood commonly as a panic attack of fear. Now why a person feels anxiety?

Anxiety can be felt in general or it may also become regular for someone to feel such panic attacks. When a person expecting some future incident to be happened and having fear in present that what if it will not be done? This is kind of present-future thoughts create an imbalance and person becomes anxious.

For an example, a person with the stage fear needs to present a presentation, a person caught up in lift, a person met with an accident and driving after that incident, a person’s family member died in Corona and now constant worried about his and his family health etc. these are common examples of the anxiety attacks.

As there are many symptoms of Anxiety attacks. But below are some of top 5 symptoms of Anxiety:

Feelings of Dread or fear:

symptoms of Anxiety

If you are constantly feeling something will happen or what will happen then it is one of the main symptoms of the Anxiety attacks. In this you feel nervous, restless and tense as you can’t sit at a single place and want to move here and there to calm down your anxiousness.

Signs for Danger:

symptoms of Anxiety attacks

In severe anxiety or moderate anxiety, a person looks for signs for danger. Continuously worries and taking over precautionary steps even in normal situations.  

Predicting Worst:

moderate anxiety

Many times, in anxiety a person predicts future. And consciously act in the present. Even the present is in complete control of the person he acts as if inevitable will be happened.  In accepting the prediction, he decides to act in certain way by doing so his physical reactions are abnormal and unusual like pounding heart rate, shallow in breathing etc.

Lack of Attentiveness and Unfocused:

symptoms for the Anxiety

Because anxiety feeling is futuristic which person feels in present scenario. And in doing so he is thinking worst, imagining worst or hearing the worst. As his presence is in present and thoughts are in future, he is mostly unfocused. Feelings of lack of attention always there and lose the behavior in the present.

Constant worried and Tensed:

common symptoms for the Anxiety

Anxiety makes person’s mind vulnerable. He is constantly feeling worried about some future events. In panic attacks a person tense for the outcome which he is not expecting to receive. But he expects something else than what is he worried for.

Apart from the above symptoms there are many other symptoms you may see in Anxiety or Panic attacks.

  • Continuous sense of danger and panic
  • Increased Heart rate
  • Feelings of restless
  • Sweating and trembling
  • Feeling tired or weak
  • Trouble in sleeping and eating
  • Facing gastrointestinal problems
  • Can’t control worry
  • Having strong urge to leave things or escape from some situations
  • Avoid social gatherings
  • Irritability and aggression to avoid certain situation and places

These are the common symptoms for the Anxiety or panic attacks. Do you want to assess for your social anxiety attacks? Simply answer the below questions which will help you to understand your anxious level:

  1. Do you feel sudden terror or fear in social situation?
  2. Do you feel anxious, nervous or worried about any social situation?
  3. Do you have thoughts of rejected, ridiculed or offended others?
  4. Do you feel racing heart, sweating or trouble in breathing in any social event?
  5. Do you feel restlessness or trouble in relax in social gatherings?
  6. Do you leave social function or participate minimal or avoid going?
  7. Do you spent lots of time to prepare yourself for the social function or gathering?
  8. Do need some extra help to cope up with the social function?
  9. Do you distract yourself before thinking about social function?

If you find above answers mostly in yes you need to consult a psychologist for further therapy session which will cure your anxiety disorders.

Please find below mentioned questions to understand your Anxiety or Panic attacks. You may need to count your feelings in past 7 days.

  • I felt fearful.
  • I felt anxious.
  • I felt worried.
  • I found myself hard to focus on anything.
  • I felt nervous.
  • I felt uneasy.
  • I felt tense.

Kindly rate yourself from sever to normal. If you feel any five of the feelings as mentioned above you may consult a professional. To know more about your Anxiety or panic attacks you may book a session.

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