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Top 5 symptoms of depression with reason

Top 5 symptoms of depression with reason

Symptoms of depression – Depression very chronic mental state. Depression can be understood by the person who has experienced depression in his life. It is invisible feelings and moods one can feel but physically they look fit. Inside the person there is hurricane of feelings and thoughts exhausted.

Feeling low mood, low confidence, low self-esteem and confusion state left with hopelessness and helplessness. Generally, symptoms of the depression I have shared earlier in my blogs and you may refer with the same. As you are reading this symptoms of depression you may go through such feelings or you may look for someone who feels depressed since long.

Our cognitive thinking find the symptoms of depression works magically. The information you perceived in your life. The incidents happened to you and people you come across designed your outcome i.e.(Experience). And you made up some belief. Your belief is a result of your expectation and when your expectations do not meet you have certain amount of Hot thoughts and moods you feel.

Now, I want to discuss in this blog about the top 5 symptoms of depression and want to share with you reasons as well. This will be beneficial to you when you assess your mood. Why you are depressed? Why do you feel low mood? Or you may also assess someone’s depressed mood as well.

Let’s See Top 5 symptoms of depression with reason

Symptom 1: Do you feel sad, hopeless, helpless and feel like crying?
symptoms of depression in india

There are so many people have so many different incidents in their life I came across during my practice as psychologist. I have met so many people who are so much successful and doing tremendously well even feel depressed and sad. They feel emptiness and unable to understand why?  Now, first of all you need to believe that you are not alone. Who feels such emotions.

But rather it is great chance that now you discover something about you. Something which is left behind and never acknowledged by you. So, it is time to go deep within and see WHY am I feeling what am I feeling.

Before you practice this for personal change I want to share with you reasons for feeling those mentioned emotions.

Reason 1: You feel sad because you are not happy with the outcome of certain situation. Your expectations are different than what you have received.

Reason 2: When you have installed some belief which against your will. For an example, you want to become something but you do something else. You feel stressed of doing the task which you do not like and you do not believe in your beliefs. In doing so you hit hard in through your actions and try to prove your belief is wrong. Or you might find escape plan.

Reason 3: Your thoughts make vulnerable and as in any down time most easy reach is only self. So you feel you are not worthy enough which leads you to believe hopelessness and helplessness.

Reason 4: When you have strong belief about outside world and you behave consciously with the prediction your self confidence lower yourself down. Even you are great you are not performing because of self-doubt and anxiety for the outcome.

Symptom 2: On every small things you outburst in anger, aggression, irritation with frustration.
symptoms of depression

Depression is a cause of thoughts. What are you thinking. Of course it it too difficult to note all thoughts as we think 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day. And we only get 2 to 5 percentage new thoughts. But have you ever noticed that which are the lists of your thoughts make you irritable and frustrated. this is most symptoms of depression. Do you ever listen your internal story and outer story? Let’s find out reasons for these mentioned emotions.

Reason 1: As earlier I wrote your expectations do not meet you outcome. If you are making too many excuses and not working for desired outcome irritation is common. As others make you feel that you are not on your duty. They labelled you and you do not want to accept their labels. This one of the biggest reason to into irritability mood.

Reason 2: When you know you need to do something for yourself and your life. But you have indulged in some bad habits. Which makes you more vulnerable. Because you started pitying on self. You started blaming self and you internal story about you is negative. One of the biggest reason to outburst into anger for small things.

Reason 3: Never forgiving self for mistakes. Continuously counting on mistakes but never acknowledge your achievements slowly and gradually make you negative. No enemy outside in the world. But you and your thoughts become your own enemy.

Reason 4: Waiting for opportunity to come. You feel you did a lot to achieve your dream but world is co crucial and hard to get desired outcome. If you believe you do everything yet nothing is there. It converts your feelings of hopeless into aggression.

Symptom 3: Loss of interest even in pleasurable activities like pursuing hobbies, gathering with family and even sex.
depression symptoms in india

Depressive mood directly affecting your behavior. You may wonder why? Because one can feel that it is useless nothing is worthy enough to do. It is hopeless because you overgeneralize the situation.

Like an athlete in depress mood think about self that, “what’s use to practice every day?”  How much I tried I will not win. In thinking so he loose charm or may choose not play or practice. If we go in detailed reasons then it surprise you with the depressive state of mind.

Reason 1: Loss of loved one, ill health for very long period of time, separation even hard tried to save relation lead you to feel depressed. One failed outcome make you believe that you are failed in all areas. People with this thoughts always stop taking interest in most pleasurable activities. As they find it worthless.

Reason 2: Feel good factor lost somewhere. Because the thought process is problem oriented rather solution oriented. If you are concentrating so much on problem and imagine your problem then fearful thoughts make you more down. This turns your behavior to isolate self. 

Reason 3: Overthinking is a common problem with the person in depression. Because he predicts the outcome, people’s response etc.. before it actually happen. As you decide outcome you decide to behave or escape.

Reason 4: Only hopelessness is reason of isolation. Feels like nothing will happen lead you to think what is the meaning to do certain act.

Symptom 4: Do you feel sleepy and sleep so much or you awake and feel insomnia

Most dreaded symptoms of depression and worst physical reaction is over sleep (hypersomnia) or lack of sleep (insomnia). Depressed mood makes you tired and exhausted. And most depressed people face problem in sleep because this is most useful cycle of body is disrupted. Let’s understand detailed reason for mentioned symptom.

Reason 1: Too much overthinking about the incidents, people involved with that incidents and self. These are three important over thinking issue with the depressed person. As too much thinking exhaust and harm brain cells. Also, BDNF (Brain Derive Neuro Trans Factor) not generated. So a person not feeling inspire or self-motivated cause lack of sleep.

Reason 2: Feeling tired of same thought process and overthinking exhaust all energy. With that refrain from doing pleasurable activities not create serotonin in brain leads to hypersomnia.

Reason 3: Over generalization or nothing-or-all kind of feelings hamper most and empower feeling of loneliness. As it is a series of thoughts which make a person more vulnerable directly affecting sleep cycle as well daily routine.

Symptom 5: Small task takes an extra effort because of low energy or tiredness.
reason of depression in india

Focus and attention is a main cause which affect depressive person. When a person is depressed he likes to sit with that mood. Because continue feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. If I share with you detailed reasons you may find new insights for depression.

Reason 1: Lack of attention. Because of series of thoughts one can’t take control on activity he does. So small amount of work takes longer time as back of mind thoughts are running like reel of a movie.

Reason 2: Many depressed people think they stuck up in their life. Their life is not moving ahead. They stuck on single point and unable to complete task as well as they do not find ways to do the same. The task even a person is efficient to do due to self-doubt create lots of trouble.

As I have tried to mentioned top 5 symptoms of the Depression with reasons there are many other symptoms as well. You may look in detailed with those symptoms in my earlier blogs. Also, do not take depression lightly as it ruins lots of lives. If you are facing such issue do not feel shy or ashamed to take professional psychologist help for therapies.

It is important thoughts and emotions can easily manageable by therapies than any other ways of treatment. For further support you may contact me.   

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