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Top 5 benefits of anger management therapy

top 5 benefits of anger management therapy

Anger, many of us face this issue nowadays very commonly. Why do we choose anger even though we know it is harmful to everyone? You are affected by anger first and then others. Today, let’s understand top 5 benefits of anger management therapy as well as the types of anger we feel in our lives.

If you understand your problem and areas of concern you can work on them. To achieve serenity in life it is important to understand ourselves. As you are scrolling my website and searching for information, I want to give my best try to share with you the most helpful techniques and information with the use of that you can definitely find yourself.

So, first of all, understand the feeling of Anger:

In general dictionary terms anger means a feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility. This is in a general sense we define our anger feeling. But let’s see anger in psychological terms.

Anger is a feeling where a person feels bitterness about something or someone who deliberately done something wrong. It is a great source to express feelings. For example, you find a solution to your problem, but too much anger is harmful to your mental state and emotional state as well. This causes so much that have issues with behaviour (verbal and non-verbal).

There are a total of six types of Anger we can define. Here, I am giving basic insights about all Six types. These will give a brief idea to you about your own Anger feelings.

Assertive Anger:
anger management therapy

This is the feeling in which a person feels anger when something has not been met. He feels positive anger and he tries to improvise himself without violating other’s rights. For example, a student feels anger when desired results are not achieved. But try to improve himself without blaming someone or the situation.

Behavioral Anger:
Behavioral Anger

This is often a physical reaction. Here, a person’s intention is to harm or break something. Hence, the expression of this feeling is like throwing or breaking things. This is highly impulsive behavior which mostly harms the relationships.

Chronic Anger:
Chronic Anger

Chronic anger results from the situations faced by a person where he is continuously harassed or criticized by someone. A person feels chronic anger when he is continuously ignored by people. This anger issue can be solved by forgiving and accepting the past as it was past. If a person feels this emotion for a long period then it affects mental and physical health.

Passive – Aggressive Anger:
Aggressive Anger

This is the exact opposite of anger feeling. When a person avoids expression of feeling of anger. But he becomes more sarcastic, avoids or postpones work, is not present at the time off to be present, etc. are common characteristics of this anger. Here, a person feels he is not doing anything wrong but others perceive his way of expression as anger.

Revenging Anger:
Revenging Anger

Mostly a person with the feeling of revenge attacks on someone. This anger is basically inspired by the feeling of revenge. And a person may react physically or verbally.


I need advice. Cheerless sad man not knowing what to do while listening to family quarrel

This is the most common anger feeling for those who feel they are not worthy enough. And they themselves have an issue of inferiority complex or self-doubt. They consider themselves not good and have an attack on themselves by blaming or labelling them.

All six types of anger you may also have faced in your life or you may witnessed someone with this behaviour Issue.

Now, there are certain very important therapies through which to cure Anger.

  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectal Behavior Therapy (DBT)
  • Interpersonal Therapy
  • Existential Therapy
  • Choice Therapy
  • Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR)

There are Top 5 benefits of Anger management Therapy

Before you book a session you must know what are the 5 benefits of Anger management therapy. As you are reading you want to get rid of your behavior of anger or the way you express your anger. Maybe your relationship is affected or you may face issues with your subordinates at work place.

Maybe you are getting continuous feedback from your supervisor or manager. And you feel like I need to find myself. So let’s understand the top 5 benefits you get from Anger Management Therapy.

Finding Self:

As I have mentioned many times we are driven by the people’s perceptions. What they feel and speak about yourself. That many times determined your self-talk. Once you find yourself in negative self-talk you have an issue with low self-confidence and low self-esteem. You try to prove yourself best in the eyes of someone by doing the same if you fail then anger or aggression is a common feeling. When you attend counselling sessions you basically find yourself.

You understand your past, present, and future and with the same your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Various therapies as mentioned earlier help you to manage your anger but at the same time, you find the root cause of the problem. And you can learn to solve and manage your expression of anger with understanding.

Improve Relationship:

Most human beings are more open up and feel more connected in relationships. A person has a feeling of being understood and expressed in front of the partner. But this becomes disadvantageous when the anger of someone or something is expressed wrongly with the partner. For example, you might have trouble in a job or in your work or you need to meet the deadline but simultaneously your partner is also expecting your time and presence.

You got angry with your partner because you could not express the same at your workplace. In such a situation, counselling helps a lot. As you understand anger if expressed with the right words to the right person at the right time improves the relationship. CBT and Interpersonal therapies play a great role in such cases to manage anger.

Take and Acknowledge Responsibilities:

A large part of Anger management therapy helps you to take responsibility for your anger feelings. In this, you can assess your life’s situations and people. You adopt another view to see the same situation and honestly choose your reactions for your anger. When you assess your situation you will be able to understand your blaming and complaining about others. And rather than giving excuses or blame you take your own responsibility.

Manage your Stress:

In many situations, you find yourself stressed. With the emotions of stress, you have another emotion called anger. Either you have anger toward yourself or another. When you understand your stressors and manage them with the right thinking process you feel far better than what you have a habit of behavior. anger management therapy helps you to understand your stressors and you learn how to accept them and deal with them.

Better Health:

Nowadays your intelligent quotient does not matter as much as your emotional quotient. If you are in business or in a relationship. If you stay cool and calm under pressure you can deal with the toughest time with courage. When you are in a situation of “fight-flight”. Norepinephrine (NE) is responsible for this state of mind.

While you deal with the tough time and you take a step towards mindfulness and acceptance of the situation it gives miracle effects to your situation. In anger management therapy you learn about yourself, your conceptual cycle, your thought pattern, and affected behavior patterns.

Anger to some extent is really good. Because you get the solution to your problem. But when you are too angry, aggressive, or irritated it affects badly to your health and life. If you are dealing right now with an Anger issue and you want to solve the issue, you may definitely book a session. It is always wise to take one wise step.

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