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Science of Therapy – Are therapies effective?

Science of Therapy - Are therapies effective

The brain is a complex organ of the human body. Many of us do not know how it functions. In particular, a question arises about its functioning, when challenges are faced in regular life.

Science of Therapy

Like excessive anger, major changes in eating order, excessive anxiety, mood swing disorder, inability to concentrate, low energy, avoiding friends and social functions, being confused, change in emotions, change in school or job performance, feeling disconnected, hearing voices, increase sensitivity, isolation, odd and unusual drives, unexplainable health problem, unhappiness, and decreased joy, etc.

All mentioned changes affected day-to-day life and routine, and unable to perform a job then one can consult a professional. 

But before you consult especially for a therapy session you may have many questions in mind. What does a psychologist do? How do they use therapy which helps me in my life? Really, therapies are effective? How therapy can help to overcome my mental health issue? How about the other ways to deal with mental health issues? So, to answer all your questions this is an important article I have written. Before you read further this kindly also check the related article, “Do I have any mental issue?”

Since long this battle is going on that really therapies are effective or not. However, there is a lot of science emerging after the number of research done on human psychology. It has been proved that therapies are effective in many issues like ADHD in children, Depression, Anxiety, Social Anxiety, OCD, post-traumatic stress Disorders, etc.

We perceive lots of information through our five senses. Our childhood, social culture, biological, and genetic all played a role in mental disorders. However, there is a science emerging out there that the connection of the prefrontal to the amygdala plays an important role while facing fear, anxiety, etc.

When therapies are used they work on various parts of the brain. As it affects the functioning of the Amygdala and the prefrontal context. now, let’s understand how it affects. To understand the concept better I chose three therapies and their effect on various mental health issues. In the same way, there are so many therapies that help to overcome mental state.

Behavior Therapy works in ADHD:

Behavior Therapy

ADHD is found common in children nowadays. Parents wondered to consult a professional for that. Behavior Therapy gives the best results when children are hyper and unattentive. In many cases, if a person changes his behavior and adopts a new behavior by learning its importance, it helps in mental health recovery.

If a person knows his Cue and then follows the same routine to get the same amount of reward then routine or behavior can be changed by learning an alternative behavior. That new behavior provides the same amount of reward but with better mental clarity. Which results in the long run to overcome mental health issues.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy in Insomnia:

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Learning new behavior and leaving an old one leads to a new thinking pattern. If anyone tries to change thoughts directly then a question of self-doubt arises. But when you are aware of your cognition and the relation between the prefrontal to the amygdala you slowly can improve yourself.

Various therapies help in gaining self-awareness first. When you are self-aware of your thoughts and feelings your behaviors create different outcomes.

Mindfulness Cognitive Behavior Therapy:


Any professional will ask you a few questions. Those questions are backed by Socratic Questioning, Motivational Interviewing, and many other methods.  But they are helpful to draw the attention of your thinking and your belief.

What you believe and what you perceive determines your behaviors. A therapy called Mindfulness and Acceptance Commitment Therapy is useful to understand your way of perceiving information from the world. And what beliefs you have that affect your day-to-day life.

In session when the therapist helps you to find what lies within you and how you can see the same thing differently called the effectiveness of therapies.

It is difficult to give in detail about all therapies’ effects on which mental disorder. But here I would like to narrate with you one of the real examples.


Avni was unable to cope with her stressful and demanding job. She recently got married and she has to relocate to a new city. However, she is very comfortable with the shifting and familiar with the city but she has observed that she could not deliver her performance. She found that she told her husband that the same job fascinated her earlier and now she feels she should think an another option. Because she is tired and not able to deliver her work on time. She also has complained of a lack of sleep.

She thought it was normal and maybe temporary. but one day she searched about her issue and ran to a psychologist by booking a session. In diagnosis, she found that she has an issue with excessive anxiety. Her therapist told her and made aware her of the new behavior she has slowly developed. She is caught up in her anxiousness for those things which are not actually lying. But she thought of them when she became late from the office when her clients countered her when she dressed up in the morning. Her continuous unaware self-talk is responsible for her emotions. After taking a few months of sessions with the therapist and measuring her improvement she found her cues.

Which are responsible for her anxiety. While she was getting late she thought once again today I am late and then a series of thoughts filled her mind and by the time she left the office she was tired and overwhelmed. He childhood and her belief system are responsible for her current state which is found in her sessions.

Talk Therapy:


I have researched personally by working on the psychology of various people and found that Talk Therapy is very effective. In just one session they will be able to find their stigma. Their restricted areas of thinking. Because our childhood and culture we all raise affected our thinking patterns.

We want to believe rigorously in many of the beliefs we installed. We raised and believed some fundamental beliefs about self and fundamental beliefs about the world. When you understand yourself through various therapies about your self-fulfilling prophecy, rules, regulations, and assumptions then you become clear in for current state of mind.

When you come across some Cues (signs), it affects your fundamental belief system. Because we want to see things that we want to see and do not see the things that we do not want to see. So many people I come across are unable to process their thinking properly because they are stuck in the past.

They have a series of thoughts and want to deal with the present with past experiences only. And they wondered why this had happened again and again to them. New people and incidents bear the same results. Then start the mental fog, confusion, series of thoughts, overthinking and mental disorders.

When you talk to the psychologist you bear the fruits of the past and struggle with the present. The psychologist helps you to make you understand now how you can differ your one mental image from the other one. Same way one experience to another experience.

Self- Awareness:


Therapies are so scientific that they help not only in curing mental disorders but also in self-awareness. In the case of Personality disorder where a person’s relationship is on the stack. Because he has some fundamental beliefs about self. He believes he is always right and others are wrong.

Through therapy, they learn resilience. They learn much about their auto behavior and auto thoughts as well as impulsive behavior as well. If any person is facing mental disorders now after having successful life then therapies worked miracles. They know to deal with their preconceive notions, they understand their thought pattern and feelings. So Therapies are scientifically proven.

After therapy which area of brain has been affected and how they can improve just by behavior. Measure the outcome and improvement. There is a number of research done on therapies that help people to understand themselves in the long run. Overcoming mental health issues is not a one-night game.

As you have installed your belief for a long and many factors affect to change the beliefs. But when you go to a Psychologist can help through various therapies to overcome your trouble. All therapies are backed by its science hence it has proven to be effective. Various other research in the coming days will prove its effectiveness.

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