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How Mindfulness Meditation Can Benefit Your Mental Wellbeing?

How Mindfulness Meditation Can Benefit Your Mental Wellbeing

Psychology works on your inner well-being. It is not that you take something and change your thoughts and actions. But Psychology helps you to understand your thoughts, feelings and actions. While you are reading the above title you feel what is the correlation between Psychology and Mindfulness? Because you think and understand that Psychology is a science while Mindfulness Meditation sounds spiritual. What you are thinking is quite right.

Before you read further this blog it is important to understand that a psychologist helps you to take a journey within yourself. He encourages you to see in your beliefs, self-fulfilling prophecy, rules and regulations about yourself and this world and everything. A psychologist walks with you in your journey and consciously makes you understand about your actions, thoughts and feelings.

When you change your thoughts with consciousness there is very little chance of relapse. Because then you are aware of what you do, your outside factors affect you less. So, let’s start the journey to see how Mindfulness Meditation Can Benefit Your Mental Wellbeing.

A few questions may pop up in your mind and here are some of the answers to those questions. It may be possible you may have some different questions as well. You are always welcome to ask them and will respond with love.

What is the relation between Mindfulness Meditation and Psychology?

It is important to understand what you think and feel all day long. But to stop chattering mind is not easy. Our Sensory mind desires so much that we expect much from ourselves as well as others. Once you are mindful at least you will be able to understand your thoughts and unnecessary desires. And when your mind tells you a different story about yourself than what you are it is important to take charge.

Especially when people are in depression or are in an anxious state they are more vulnerable towards their thoughts. Their selection of action is to sit ideal in the corner and think. Overthink makes them paralyzed with laziness, too much sleep or lack of sleep, over or undereating, procrastinating and end with the self-guilt of not being productive.

This is a common phenomenon for anyone whenever they face negative chattering thoughts. When you are mindful you involve your mind in action but not outcome. You are completely present at that moment and can increase the feel-good factor. People who suffer from severe mental disturbance also can practice this.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy especially brings your attention towards your thoughts, feelings and actions. While you follow mindfulness meditation then your psychic energy flows in a certain specific direction. Where you feel the state of flow.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapists make you aware of your thoughts.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Cognition means what you perceive about yourself and the world. When you see some Cognitive Behaviour Therapist they educate you and travel you to your own beliefs about yourself. Where you learn about your old thoughts and make sense of them. You identify the meaning of each thought and that leads you to awareness about self. Having a mental disorder is not taboo.

But it is a great chance to know yourself and improve your limitations. If you are mindful of each activity you do. You attached to action but not outcome. You are not predicting things and are procrastinating. If you even follow your mindfulness practice for uninterested work that makes you free from stress and boredom. So why can’t you try and follow to act rather than think?

Psychologist helps you to become Mindful about your thoughts.

Learning balanced thoughts is not easy. Because we have never been taught such things in the Universities. Whenever you are feeling stressed or anxious for those things which are factually not present. But it is present in your mind. You first get distracted. You are facing attention deficit and OCDs are some of the common behaviours as a coping system.

But a Psychologist helps you learn interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. You understand coping mechanisms and ego displacements as well. When you work on your single belief then you can relive your old memories with fresh outcomes. As your vision is more broad. And clearly define your negative and positive thoughts.

Mindfulness meditation means atonement between thoughts and actions.

Of course, here I am not telling you to sit in meditative posture whole the time. Leave all your jobs and do it. But rather you are so much fine-tuning with your thoughts and actions that you are getting results of what you imagine.

You learn through mindfulness your relationship between thoughts and feelings, thoughts and behaviours and thoughts and physical reactions. When you are mindful you are in self-control and external factors do not matter to you. Your inner well-being is more strong and in atonement.

Mindfulness is in each activity.

Mindfulness is not a single activity. Rather it applies to all activities. If you know that you need to meet the deadline and you are worried about the outcome. Then you may distract yourself with mobile. You watch different things and surf for a while. And when you notice you have wasted so much time. Even when you surf as well you do with mindfulness.

Even if you want to distract yourself from worrisome thoughts then also you need to be mindful. This mindfulness is a playful activity. As you do more and practice it more. You learn more about yourself. As you follow mindfulness. You learn there is no vast difference between your thinking and doing.

Now, let me tell you a few important benefits of Mindfulness meditation.

Flow state where you become one with time. Your mind is your time. As your mind finds oneness with time you automatically enter in to state of Flow. Your hours passed by minutes. Especially, people who are suffering from mental disorders achieve more sense of control through mindfulness meditation.

Before any activity you do be it you do regularly or first time. Your mind is agitated. Because when you are habituated to do certain specific activities you are not attentive. Because you know how to do it. And hence your mind has different thoughts going on and you do some other activities. When you do some new activities your talking mind straight away attaches you to the outcome and you forget about your presence with that action.

I have come across many of my clients who are not even aware of what they do. If they are depressed then they sit in a corner or watch too much television or mobile. Or many just lie down in bed and just think. But when they initially apply mindfulness then they are aware of what they do next and they set rewards for themselves only for finished tasks.

Before we think any thought we have a sense of feelings. We all are always in a position to deliberately select what to think and feel. Even in inevitable cases also can balance their thoughts. Mindfulness meditation for each activity brings you more awareness of your surface.

It is one of the techniques but it should be learnt and practised. If you are interested in such activities become part of your life. You may also book a session and become more aware of yourself.

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