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Effective Methods to Ease Your Depression in 2 Days: Expert Tips

Effective Methods to Ease Depression in 2 Days

As you are reading this blog means you really need expert help to ease your depression. It may possible currently you are taking help of professional or it may possible you think to take help of professional. In both scenarios this is worth reading information if you want to challenge you depressive mood.

Before you read further about how to ease your depression you must aware about your emotions. You may take self-assessment or you might diagnosed earlier. But here want to ask you few self-assessed questions. And duration of your depressive mood if more than 7 days or more than it is worth to read till end.

So, let’s begin with the assessment for depression.

Ease Your Depression

Below chart will help you to understand and assess your depressive mood for ease your depression. Be honest with the self and try to fill the same on piece of paper so you may go deep down and find real answer.


If you feel such feelings since last 7 days than follow the blog till end and you also required to consult for professional help. If your assessment is positive than do not worry or anxious by thinking what will happen? Just follow certain expert tips which brings you clarity of thoughts and why you feel depressed?

By using those mentioned tips at least you can ease your depression. But remember one thing. Personal change is not easy. You need to change your mind-set and heart-set to feel better.

Tip 1: Record Your Thoughts:
ease your depression

Recording your thoughts is not easy and many of you who read this also unable to understand this. Man of you feel that how do I record my own thoughts while I am feeling so confused, depressed and low. I have no energy even to write and assess what I am feeling. I am agreeing with you. You may not be in position to do anything for yourself. But if you can just write why are you depressed may sound motivating to write channel of thoughts. Would you like to try it out?

First Step: Which are the situations of your life make you so much depressed? Write your situation which has impacted major change in your life. If possible be little detailed.

Second Step: Once you write down your situation kindly write all the thought related to that situation or people involved in it. This is most important step through which you can decide your mood. 

Third Step: Which are your automatic thoughts and images which force you to behave in certain way? Write them in detailed as well and make a note while you think those thoughts automatically. 

Forth Step: Assess your behaviour and outcome. Write them down along with the moods you feel.

Tip 2: Talk to someone who can understand:
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Talking to someone who can listen you not hearing you and jump to start giving you advise. Rather someone who actively listening you and accept you with your current state of mind. If you do not find first technique to be done with this can help as it takes less energy.

But here again you need to talk to someone who cannot judge you which helps you to ease your depression. Rather acknowledge you as you are and accept you. Ask the listener to repeat the problem which you are facing over n over again.

For an example, if you are knocked down and you talk to someone that,” everything in life is going wrong, my partner has left me, I am not doing well in job and waiting for boss to fire me. I see myself as big failure.” 

So other side a listener can reframe the same like,” you believe you are fail because you lost your partner and not doing well in job. Am I listening right?”

Once this will be repeated over n over again you get clue from your thoughts. That you have either over generalized your situation or you have feelings of all-or-nothing in your mind.

Above two techniques if you apply in your depressed mood over n over again you can explore something new about you. At last the goal to achieve relief can be possible. Even after following the techniques and various other methods, you still feel depressed it is an alarm to seek a professional help.

For any support or ease your depression you may definitely contact me. For future important and interesting content you may subscribe yourself.

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