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Why do so many people have depression in today’s society?

Why do so many people have depression in today's society

Many of us have question that, Why do so many people have depression in today’s society? Depression in today’s society if understood in a simple way is something, How you feel, the way you think and how you feel.

Depression in today’s Society

Depression cause majorly when person’s expectation has not matched. His belief about him and world will decide his thoughts, feelings and actions. So Depression in today’s society is common amongst people. But it is also simultaneously intervene at the right time.

Otherwise it may converted into chronic clinical depression, Bipolar disorders and persistent depressive disorders. As we study the research every one out of the seven young people between the ages of 15 to 24 feels depressed or has little interest in doing things.

So to understand why so many people have Depression in today’s society, you need to read below details for further knowledge. It may helpful to you as well as your friends and families as well.

To understand depressive mood state is simple formula. When your expectations are not meeting to your outcome every one of us feeling depressed. So to understand depression it is important to understand our expectations from the given situation and people surrounding us.

If your expectation is not meeting how would you perceive your information? Would be more positive , negative or realistic? So your emotions and moods should not be dependent on auto thoughts and auto behaviours.

Before you read next lines I want you to see your thoughts right now and ask yourself what do you feel? What is your mood? And express your mood in single word. You will immediately catch the thoughts which need your attention now to replace with another one.

Genetic and Biological Issue:

Genetic and Biological Issue

Family history of depression is common. In which a person is getting certain nature in heredity and prone to believe certain things in same way as his ancestors were believing.

The depressive gene called The chromosome 3p25-26 was found in many families so they have 40 percent depressive gene exist and rest 60 percentage make up by environmental and other factors.

Environmental and social Factor:

Environmental and social Factor

Environmental risk factors which are affecting Depression in today’s society. Like Parental condition, maternal depression during childhood, childhood bullying, death of parents, physical environment, environment depression to risk factors. These are common factors where a person feel depression and stress because expectations and basic emotional and biological needs not fulfilled.

Second, most important in adulthood find out comparing environment at home, school and offices, performance,  to be perfectionist, best in all areas of life and only successful get an attention is social drama which lead a men towards depression.

Exposure to Stress and Trauma:

PTSD Post Traumatic Disorder is one of the mood and feelings related issue a person is facing. One of the great psychologist has mentioned that, “a person is not affected what happened to him but affected by how he view the things?” As our beliefs are strong and we want to prove it to be true.

Exposure to Stress and Trauma

In doing so we behave as if we have accepted the belief, hard hitting of the action to make the belief wrong and last we escape from the belief. All these three are behavioral aspects which an human can do after thoughts and feelings. And hence traumatic situation has left us but the memories which we have and we become so vulnerable to those memories as it defined our belief.

How your exposure for stress and trauma decide your depressive mood? If you are putting your thoughts on autopilot mode or you behaviour is automatic. Chances are there that you become more depressive.

Social Isolation:

Social Isolation

Feelings of sad, hopelessness, helplessness and empty inside made person more vulnerable. Because such people keep themselves isolated and they expect if things will improve the person may change his feelings. But if not than he keeps himself isolated.

Keeping self away from everything. Social isolation brings overthinking and as person is accepting his belief his conceptual cycle drops him down to believe on his belief which he thinks.

Family Conflicts:

Now a days we find nuclear families and we also have seen all have different thoughts and beliefs. Just because of that internal disappointment and disagreement is more serious. A person who lives and raised in family conflict becomes irritable personality.

Family Conflicts

I need advice. Cheerless sad man not knowing what to do while listening to family quarrel.

Aggression and anger is part of the feelings. This kind of person has built up two ways in his mind. One a person is dominant to prove his belief and make another person vulnerable. Second, a person becomes submissive and accept everything even it is wrong.

In both cases a person’s behavior is accept the belief of escape from the action. Family conflicts play major role in depressive disorders and moods.

Financial Hardship:

“There is no free lunch in this world.”

Financial Hardship

Survival and todays’ life of status quo bring a men to most competitive era. To become rich a man is forgetting his self-satisfaction and mental wellness. In order to achieve some financial security he compromises with his passion and skills.

Even blessed with all amenities in life a person feels not enough. Second, in order to achieve survival a person forgets his real sense of quality and do job which never satisfy his will.

Financial hardship like payment of credit cards, EMIs, costly life style etc. are responsible for stress, overthinking and depressive moods.

Screen time and social Media:

High usage of screen time. Sitting with phone without no reason and not giving chance for self-conversation lead to stressful life in long term. As everybody wake up go to office and coming back to home sitting with news and no or lack of conversation with family members lead to depressive mood.

Screen time and social Media

Many people feel self- guilt as they feel they misused their time. Many people by not talking with self, caught by another person and drive their life as per that person.

No feelings of hold on life leads to depressive mood. As other factors and people drive them rather they should drive by themselves.

Depressive mood generally origin of the thoughts and images we see in our mind. And as per the same we decide our moods. If you really be happy and feel free from the mental bondage you need to sit with self and observe what is going on? Why?

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