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What is the difference between Counseling, Guidance and Psychotherapy?

What is the difference between Counseling, Guidance and Psychotherapy

Counselling, Guidance and Psychotherapy all three words are used interchangeably. Many people do not know that real meaning of all three words and why they are differing from each other. People have in mind what is the work of psychologist and by only talks how one can resolved his\her mental disorder.

Counseling vs. Guidance vs. Psychotherapy

Before we understand second point it is important to understand difference from all three words. Look the table down for easy understanding.

Helps in gaining self-understanding and self – directionCounselling helps in post problem – means after problem has occurred.Psychotherapy deals with the problem server in nature which has serious problem in living in effective balanced life.
Guidance helps person to accommodate well in school, Home and officeFocus on change in personality and behavior with the aim to solve problemThis provides both settings
Provides information, suggestions and future actionsRemedial in nature with goal. Setting goal between client and counselor to deal with conflicts and problems of life.It focuses on past and aims at bringing insight.
Guidance helps in before problem – Pre – ProblemIt deals with day-to-day issues and problems of living.
So, guidance is
–        Informative
–        Educative
–        Orientational
–        Developmental
Counselling provides outpatient settings.
Counselling more focus on present and aims at bringing about change in behavior and personality.

If you can see there is quite a big difference in all three. But for the people it understood as same. Psychotherapy aims at

  1. Removing existing symptoms
  2. Modify existing symptoms
  3. Slow up existing symptoms
  4. Intervention in disturb behavior patterns
  5. Promote more positive and developmental growth

To cure and balance your Emotional and psychological issues you may attend mental workshops. To more details contact us.   

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