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Who needs to consult a psychologist?

Who needs to consult a psychologist

It is important to understand before consultation with Psychologist, who is psychologist and Who needs to consult a psychologist?

Psychologist is a professional who understands human psychic, interpret, analyze about perceptual mental state of any person.

A psychologist studies basically mental condition, cognitive and behavior of person suffering from mental disorder. The work often involves into experiments, observation and interpretation of how individual relates to his socio-economic environment. A psychologist brings a person unconscious to conscious state of mind. A psychologist has to clear his studies in Psychology and need to complete his trainings as well to cope up with the issues of the clients\patients.

Now Who needs to consult a psychologist?

In world mental and substance abuse mental disorder is common. Around 1-in-7 people have one or more mental or substance use disorders.  But they are not only people who consult to a psychologist. But there are categories of people who needs help from a psychologist.

Mental Clarity and Attention:

Daily we are going through some or another challenges of life. We should be fine with it. As challenges grow human. They are as good as you do fast in regularly. Now we are in this information era going through lots of mental trauma and torture of performance, proving self, living according to society standards etc. In doing all we need to balance our thought process.

We need to be happy ultimately but at the end of the day we find it nowhere. So, you think of nothing in this world to achieve, feelings of hopelessness or feeling of stress to achieve desired goals sit on your head and riding you crazy.

If you find below signs in your behavior you need to consult a psychologist.

  • Positive stress is natural. But if you feel negative thoughts continuously and you find symptoms like body shaking, perspiration, heavy heart beats, congestion in breathing etc. 
  • Attention is an issue for you as you become restless and can’t focus on one thing for long period. Distracted frequently. Sitting inactive with the fearful thoughts in mind.
  • When you so much attached to outcome like “what will be happened?” and you can’t sleep or having disturbed diet. Disorder in sleep and diet is a red signal for you.
  • When you avoid social functions or gatherings. Like to spent time with the fear and anxious thoughts of what people perceive about you?
  • Continuous thoughts of self-harm or being harmful to others is a serious matter to consult a psychologist.
  • If you are so much confused for your life and for your future. You want to take risk but you can’t because of your thoughts. It is important to take help.
  • If you are preparing yourself for your major project of your life and looking for mental clarity, positive visualization and want to build a self-image. Help of psychologist proves best.
  • Suffering from past trauma, anxiety, phobia, fear, phobophobia, OCD etc can be cured through Psychotherapy.

Performance Achievement:

Consultation with a psychologist for performance achievement is mandate. If you work on your core belief about your skills, performance and mental thought process it creates miracles for you.

But if you doom yourself in self-doubt, sabotage your performance in fear and anxiety for the results, overthinking eating you inside and you feel too much tired with the same self-question of, “what will happen?” then you need to consult a psychologist.

You may definitely get mental clarity if you work in free association with a psychologist. You can open up with him\her with all your emotions and finding solutions leads you to perform better.

If you are overwhelmed with the future or worried too much about the people or having fear of loss in finance or relationship you can definitely get solution from the consultation. Performance can be achieved through positive and motivated mental state.

But if you feel motivation to start and then stop doing something once you face challenge then it is a sign to consult a psychologist.  Only mentally challenged people can’t consult but any person who deals with the mental confusion, self-motivation and self-esteem can consult a psychologist.

Deal with anger and anxiety because of some troubled thought. And you can’t deal with it because you feel that is not the concerned area of your life. But something else causing you a lot which you are expressing with anger or irritation you need to help yourself.

In life reach from one step to another step needs lots of courageous thoughts and actions. To improve your performance, you may seek support for a psychologist.

Mental Disorders:

Any person dealing mental disorders like schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic mental disorder etc need to consult a psychologist. Antidepressant or any medication is helpful to certain extent but Cognitive Behavior Therapy and other behavioral therapies work better in all mental disorder.

Therapies works best because it focuses on unconscious to bring to consciousness. It also helps a person to be self-centered and find his own problems and ways once he knows how come he relaxed with it. Mental disorders are part of past trauma, memories and belief. Accordingly a men cultivates his thought process and analyze any life events.

Many people can be relaxed in most stressful situations but some of are too much distracted and worried. They sometimes overthink a lot and they do self-harm or harm to someone. Through psychotherapy in mental disorder one can live life easily even have mental disorder.

Unhealthy Life Style and Substance Abuse:

Generally, any diseases result of the mental disturbance.  Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Cancer or any Gastric trouble are result of the disturbed thought process. Now a days, we are so much busy with our so-called life style that we never address our emotions. We never find time to deal with them or to cure them.

Generally, any diseases result of the mental disturbance.  Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Cancer or any Gastric trouble are result of the disturbed thought process. Now a days, we are so much busy with our so-called life style that we never address our emotions. We never find time to deal with them or to cure them.

Going through the process of psychotherapy one can get courage to accept the life as it. Once can slowly work on self and relax with the situation as it comes. For an example, rather to over eat in stress a person can deal with the emotions of stress by finding out stressors.

All age people, castes, creed, educated – uneducated everyone can take help of psychologist to deal with the mental burden they feel continuously. For more you may contact me.

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