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How do you deal with your mental condition?

How do you deal with your mental condition

In this era EQ is more important than IQ. If you know how you can manage your emotions you can manage any situations in your life. Basically, if you closely observed life is a sum of your thoughts, emotions, actions and reactions.

You get information and you perceive them, analyze and interpret in fractions of seconds. You take decision to react on that. Your reaction and actions resulted in to your experience which creates your world.

Everyone in this world have different view to see and understand the same thing in different way. And they react as per their inner world. Exactly the same way everyone has different mental state because they have experienced different things in their childhood. Their bonding with parents and their experience with school in teenage, in adulthood intimate relationships decide mostly one’s mental condition.

Along with the relationship with your environment, finance, needs, job, education etc. matters lot to build your mental state. If we can follow Maslow’s hierarchy of life a person builds his mental condition with the fulfillment of all stages of hierarchy. (See below)


On the basis of the above chart one can decide his mental conditions. A human is always trying to overcome his weaknesses by improving his qualities. And in the process of improvisation one can also feel stress, tension, anxiety, anger, depression etc.

Which can be reflected in his\her behavior. As we all are bunch of emotions we also deal with Grief, guilt, self-confidence, self-esteem, fear etc. with the acceptance and non-acceptance of inevitable like death, loss in business, divorced, separations etc.

Many times, mental instability caused due to circumstances or some stressors. And it is in many cases are temporary. But those temporary mental phases if not cure or address correctly turn into mental disorders or diseases. 

So first of all, it is important to understand your mental state. What is your current mental state and then we understand how do you deal with your mental state. Your emotions decide whether you are happy or unhappy.

99% of people in this world count their happiness based on their life hierarchy. Because our understanding and adjustments with situations decide happiness. As Maslow’s hierarchy gives an idea. Happiness hierarchy gives you an idea about your mental state. Check your ratings for all aspects of life.

You can rate your life with respect to all which are mentioned in Happiness hierarchy.

  • Extreme
  • Moderate
  • Very Good
  • Good
  • Average


Once you come across your own ratings from the Happiness hierarchy you will be able to understand that which area of your life needs your attention and which gives you major mental disorders like Anxiety, Stress, Anger, OCDs (Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, ADD (attention deficit disorders), Substance Abuse, Depression etc. Once you understand your weak areas of life then you can understand how to deal with your mental state.

If you are facing temporary mental disorders below are major creative self-healing therapies which have proved best.

  • Journaling – Writing about what you are and what you want to be. It gives clarity of thoughts for particular weak areas of your life.
  • Nature’s walk – Long nature’s walk like riverside walk or mountain biking helps you to be grounded and think
  • Reading – Various autobiographies and non-fiction studies help you to build your courage back
  • Isolation – Isolation proves best while you are dealing with mental disturbance. In case of people who used isolation to introspect (Note: Depressive and socially anxious people should not use this method.)
  • Relaxation – Relaxed in various stages of life especially when situations are stressful and against
  • Fasting – Fasting is considered to be best when you want to think clear. Because your blood circulation will be fast and your mind is more oxygenated
  • Mindfulness – Be present in your life. Not living in past nor in future

To deal with the mental health is important while it is temporary before it becomes permanent. In permanent or habituated thought process (mental disorders) caused by known and unknown factors both. Various therapies prove best in those mental state like CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy), Person Centered Therapy, Art Therapy, Existential Therapies etc.

After reading this blog if you still want to find and want to learn more about mental stability kindly contact me with your details.   

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