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Purvangi Shukla

Duration: 5 Days

Reality Check: 2 days

Registration Charges: 6000\- INR (Early Bird Registration 3299\-)

Who Can Join? - Any person believes in dealing with his freedom. Who wants to crack all boundaries of the limited thinking process. Healing the would of life. Someone wants to pamper the pain to become strong and courageous to take bold steps.

How is it Useful? 98% of Successful people are following Journaling. It is the process to deal with the most important your Emotional and Mental state. Benefits of the writing therapy are unbelievable as you develop and enjoy your Journey through various ups n downs in writing.

  1. It is helpful to Find Yourself
  2. Improve Productivity with Clarity
  3. Love Your Life
  4. Heal Your Soul
  1. Analyse Your Dreams
  2. Limitless Energies
  3. Free From Emotional bondage of Depression, Loneliness, Anxiety & Fobia.
  4. Track your life

Being a Psychologist and NLP practitioner, I love that you encounter positively and effectively the challenges of your life. Two days of reality checks support you, and you can connect with me at any time with your problems.

For any further queries, you are always welcome to write me an Email [email protected]

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