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Child Counselling

Child is just not an asset but future of society.

child counselling

Child counselling focuses not only on the mental health development of child but it also helps in parenting, strong child-parent bonding, parents communication and behavior with child when child is disobedient, stubborn and facing behavioral issues.

By Purvangi Shukla

Child is just not an asset but future of society. Their emotional build up is their right to learn. Life lessons taught by life school and counselling plays important role in developing their mental, emotional and behavioral life.

Benefits of Child Counselling

It is highly recommended that the person chooses a child counselling program


Learn New Languages

Foster, biological and single parents learn here how to deal with emotions of child through play. Parents can learn new language to raise their child through various therapies.

Intimate Child-Parents Relations

Various psychotherapy techniques help the parents to resolve issues with their kids. They learn their expectations and hopes from their own kid and parents’ relationships with others.

Child’s learning

Through various paly therapies a child can learn about his fantasy and reality. And finding his own ways of doing things in his own life. Here, main focus is on child’s inner world and physical realities.

Interventions in mental disorders

When child suffered from separation from his caregivers(parents). Attunement can be learnt by parents to kids to communicate various emotional distress and cure can be possible in Post Traumatic Disorder (PTSD), attachment disorder and reactive attachment disorders.

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What is the aim of child counselling?

Increase parents’ sensitivity and responsiveness to the child’s signals whenever child is moving away from them to explore. Child should come back and comfort.

Parents learn to reflect on their own and child’s behavior, thoughts and feelings through attachment.

Parents can reflect on their own histories of their parents and current parenting. This point parents can address their unconscious mental, emotional and behavioral issues with child.

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How a child can overcome from any learning disability through counselling?

There are various therapies work on the emotions of the child. Relation with the therapist and child through play therapy can improve child or adult from feelings of low self-esteem, excessive worry, helplessness and incompetency in learning new skills. Even to cope up with the school and education a child can learn difference between fantasy and reality.


Is this counselling session help in increase child-parents’ interactions?

Of course. Counselling sessions build up in a way that various therapies are live where a counsellor look from current behavior of parents with their kids. They learn from the therapist how to Praise, Reflect, Intimate, describe and enthusiasm.

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